Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dracula Castle

Our big “read-aloud” book this week was The Mystery at Dracula’s Castle set in Romania. I will review it separately in Read Around the World post, but it was our first introduction to Carole Marsh books. She apparently has two interesting mystery series – Real Kids, Real Places and now Around the World in 80 Mysteries. I was not sure how Anna will react to a mystery book targeted at ages 8+, but she is loving it, and I hope that we might finally have found a new series to get immersed in.


We are on Allen Say’s reading spree lately, picking one new book from the library. I love his illustrations, and the stories also have many levels in them. Allison is an adopted daughter of a white American family. Allen Say explores the feeling of a young child dealing with the realization that her birth parents gave her up to someone who doesn’t look like her and who is not her real parent. It’s a very interesting and touching story to read.

What Does Peace Feel Like

What Does Peace Feel Like? by Vladimir Radunsky should be a must to read in elementary schools. The concept is pretty simple – children with different names (and therefore with different ethnic backgrounds) answer the questions, What does peace taste/feel/smell/look/sound like? The answers are very fascinating and they also opened up great discussions between me and Anna. I took a video of her describing her ideas – a precious memory of my daughter, the philosopher, at 5 years old.

The Mother Day Mice

Of course, we couldn’t completely miss Mother’s Day this year. Eve Bunting/Jan Brett offer a wonderful and gorgeously illustrated story of three brothers preparing surprises for their moms. It’s also touching how these brothers care and support each other. We read the same book last year and it still didn’t lose its appeal for me and for Anna. Now I am looking forward to my own surprise tomorrow Smile


Kelly said...

I'm amazed that Anna had anything to do with Dracula's Castle! Your book list looks great as usual. I'll have to look for "What Does Peace Feel Like", it does sound like a great read.

Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Ticia said...

I love Mother's Day Mice, that reminds me I should dig it out of our bookshelf.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I just tagged you for a "share" type post going around - if you have time. You can send me your note of thanks and appreciation later :).

Anya said...

"What Does Peace Feel Like" sounds like an amazing book, I wonder if my son would like Dracula book, only one way to find out I guess :)

Bethany said...

Thanks so much for hosting this. The Jan Brett Mothers' Day book looks like a great book.

Jackie H. said...

What Does Peace Feel Like sounds like a great book. I'll look for that one. Allison sounds interesting too. My nephews are adopted from China and soon I'll have a little niece (waiting on paperwork) from China. I bet it would be enlightening to understand the way the girl in the book felt and perhaps explain some things that they might feel too.