Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tales from the Arabian NightsWe read a lot of great books this week. Our longer read-aloud book is Tales from the Arabian Nights that is nicely split into manageable chapters (about 10 minutes each). As I was reading it, I was thinking that Smarty's tolerance of scary content increased quite a bit since she started Kindergarten. Sindbad adventures are actually quite scary if you happen to think of them as true. Luckily, daughter is much better nowadays firmly separating fact from fiction, which leads to more reading choices.
Wilfrid Gordon
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Patridge by Mem Fox/Julie Vivas was Smarty's kindergarten book of the week this week. While many of other books in her reading programs were misses (some due to too much familiarity), this one was a gem. I wanted to read it for quite some time, and it opened up many interesting conversations about memories. It’s funny what a memory is to a five year old – something very unusual that happened some time ago, like losing and then finding her bucket on the beach last summer. It’s probably best for readers 5+ due to the subject and length, but younger readers might enjoy illustrations as well.
It is raining pigs and noodles
since April is Poetry Month, we are reading some poetry books. Smarty read It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles by Jack Prelutsky by herself and then asked me to read selected poems to her. She was especially fascinated by concrete poems (poems created in the shape of something) – her favorite was A Maze. And, of course, she enjoyed “silly poems” – like I don’t want to clean my room. She has a very keen sense of funny and absurd, so this book quickly became her favorite. Wallace Lists
I am not much of a list maker even though I wish (not so secretly) that I were as organized as some of my coworkers and blog friends. I do try to encourage Smarty to think about what she wants to do and make lists, which she does when fancy strikes her. However, Wallace’s Lists is not about value of making lists but rather about taking opportunities presented to us by life regardless of whether they were on our list in the morning. This is an important skill too wrapped in a cute story. I highly recommend this book – both for children and for adults!


Kelly said...

I really like your books this week. Little J likes silly poems, so I'll look for that book. Wallace's Lists also sounds interesting. I'm a list maker out of necessity...I forget things seconds after I think about them!
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

MaryAnne said...

Johnny is learning to separate reality from fiction, and it is helping with his fear issues with books as well. Very nice change! I think my kids would like those last three books, particularly Emma! Thanks for the recommendations :)

Anya said...

Great books this week. It's raining pigs and noodles is an excellent one, we will read it next week.

Rebecca said...

I love Mem Fox! I just blogged about another one of her books. Wallace's Lists looks good- what age would you recommend this for?

hey said...

Wilfrid Gordon is one of my absolutely favorite books. Probably on the top ten list. But it is VERY hard to narrow a top ten list. One of the sweetest books written. I cry every time I read it (and I've read it at least 100 times!). I use this book to introduce journal writing as it is such a great example of what a memory is and how a simple memory can be so grand in one's life.