Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dec25_HexBugsIt’s funny that before Christmas my normally conservative husband was overflowing with worry that our daughter doesn’t have enough Christmas presents. That cracked me up a little, since I am usually the one “spoiling her rotten”. She was definitely not lacking in gifts from friends and family, even though Santa didn’t fulfill her fish for an “iPod with games”. Instead he brought each of us a hexbug nano, and papa showed her how to build labyrinths out of our wooden blocks for hexbug races. My husband was clearly in cahoots with Santa Claus, since he built an enclosure for hexbugs (it can be taken apart) in advance.
Smarty had asked for Snap Circuits Jr when browsing a toy catalog. I told her that the toy is marked as 8+ and she has to wait a couple of years for this even though I was very tempted reading several reviews of this set. Imagine her delight when our best friend who is practically her surrogate uncle gave her one for Christmas. She was beyond herself with joy and proved me wrong by building a lot of circuits on her own by now.
Smarty was begging for this Merry Christmas Scratch and Sketch since she saw it in the store in the beginning of December. She even began to save money to buy it on her own. Considering that she doesn’t get a regular allowance, this would take her a long time, so I made a suggestion to grandparents. Of course, her wish was granted, and she was very happy with this gift. By the way, the shirt came from her German aunt and uncle together with a gardening kit, coloring books and a small Lego set.
And… ta-da… by far the most engaging present (at least on Christmas Day) that came from me – Klutz Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls. Smarty spent hours playing with these paper dolls and changing their outfits (her quirky sense of style always makes me smile). I am a little doubtful as to how long the dolls will last – they could be a little more robust, but so far so good. You can also see wooden train stations made by papa as an extension to her existing train set. She loved them and new trains as well, but they didn’t quite make to the most played yet.
I couldn’t help sharing my favorite among Smarty’s presents – Blokus Duo. We love games and have a lot of them at home, so I couldn’t quite convince my husband that we need to get Blokus. I was thrilled that one of Smarty's best friends (or, rather, his father) gave it to Smarty. It’s a perfect fast strategy game where the winner is often not known until the game is over. Very clever, and we all enjoyed playing it. Interestingly, I am winning against my husband and keep losing to Smarty, probably because I am trying to teach her to make smart moves.
Your turn: What presents were winners in your homes this year?


Mom and Kiddo said...

For New Kid, his toy bus was definitely the winner, but are you surprised? :)

MaryAnne said...

Emma has been building circuits with the snap circuits set I gifted Mike (with the idea of him using it with the kids) as well. I was surprised at how intuitive it was for her, too.

The hit gift here was an unpainted wooden castle I picked up at Michaels and gave as a joint gift to Johnny and Lily - she also got small fairies, and he got small knights. They have spent hours playing, sharing fairies and knights with each other (and fairies with Emma, who wants nothing to do with knights), and all three kids are enjoying decorating their castle in a style that reminds me of Hundertwasser...

Christy said...

C got snap circuits for his birthday and I keep forgetting to pull it out for him to try.

We like Blokus too.

One of our favorite games the kids got for Christmas is Connect 4 Launchers - we all enjoy this new twist on an old game.

Kelly said...

I think I'm always surprised at what my kids ask for, but then end up playing with the most. Little J loves his chess board, Juiciness loves his new Bat Cave, and Sassfras has loved her new fluorescent colored pencils. It's been really quiet around here and lots of playing :)!!!
Little Wonders' Days

Debbie said...

I have to so say so far everything Selena got has been a hit, there hasn't been not one thing that she hasn't played with. Her most favorite though is her Nintedo DSi.

Ticia said...

For the boys it was hero toys. For Promcess it was her horse stable

It looks like Anna made out like a bandit too

Brimful Curiosities said...

My son has been busily playing with his aircraft carrier. It shoots discs into the air so that makes it even more exciting. My daughter likes the binoculars Grandma gave her. She spotted a red-tailed hawk yesterday.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We have had Star War figures working in JDaniel's farm this year.

Kim said...

Nicole at Tired Need Sleep recommended Snap Circuits a few times, so we also got it for Christmas. We love it!