Saturday, August 6, 2011

I was thinking of doing a FIAR on How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World during our plane ride to NJ, but both of us felt rather lazy and preferred to enjoy in-seat entertainment. For the part of the ride Smarty was busy reading Pup at the Palace, a book in her current favorite series Animal Ark by Ben M. Baglio. A person sitting next to us on the plane couldn’t believe that she is really reading this book (grade level equivalent 4.5) until daughter helpfully read a couple of pages aloud. Here are some of her other favorites of the week.
First Painter
First Painter was a random library find. Smarty enjoyed books about “first people” a couple of months ago, and it was interesting to see how much she remembered from those readings when we were talking about this book. We also talked about which parts of the book are “true” and which parts of the book are “make believe” (for this particular book the answer might depend on your religious beliefs).
An Apple Pie for Dinner
I requested An Apple Pie For Dinner by Susan Vanhecke from the library to accompany How To Make An Apple Pie book for FIAR. We both really enjoyed the story (trading one thing for another until you get what you were after in the first place), but the highlight of the book are bas-relief illustrations by Carol Baicker-McKee. I just wish I had the talent to create this kind of art!
7 Habits of Happy Kids
I think pretty much every person who is interested in self-help literature heard about The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I thought that its reincarnation for the youngest audience was not bad. Smarty enjoyed the stories, except the one about teamwork, but she was not at all interested in the discussion points offered in the book. She especially liked the story about “listening first”, but just laughed at the suggestion of spending an hour listening and not talking. Perhaps it will be better received a few years down the road.
Maggie and Max
Maggie and Max by Ellen Miles was another reading highlight of the week for Smarty. This book is from another pet series she enjoys – Puppy Place. Smarty was thrilled to discover a book featuring a puppy and a kitten, since she is actually a cat person, not a dog person. By the way, perhaps someone can recommend some good chapter books about cats? I don’t read this series with Smarty, but she gives me a summary after each book. Now I just have to keep track of all the books she already read and keep bringing new ones from the library.


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I'm sure Anna will continue to surprise people for another year or two, with her advanced reading abilitlies - it's not everyday you see a pre-K child, reading books on a plane.

Christy said...

Her reading ability is amazing, so I agree that you will continue to get that reaction from people!

The books sound interesting.

Ticia said...

There's a Beverly Cleary book about a cat, I think it's called Socks. I remember reading it as a kid. Oh and there's one called "The Cat who Went to Heaven," it was the first real chapter book I read, and I still remember it very clearly. It's set in Chinese culture, and is centered around the Buddhist religion.

Susan @ learning ALL the time!! said...

I laughed about Anna "helpfully" reading a couple of pages aloud :)

We've read First Painter before and The 7 Habits book. Our girls didn't have any use for the discussion points, either.

Animal Ark and Puppy Place are two series that Jenna and Lauren also enjoy. I agree with Ticia that Socks is a good one about cats. I'll have to check with my girls to see if they can suggest some others.

kewkew said...

Hubby has read Socks and is wanting me to read it to the girls. We just haven't gotten to it yet.
I think I am going to be visiting here more often. I didn't realize you use FIAR. We are starting FIAR in a couple of weeks (I'm still waiting for the books to arrive, as we only just decided on what we are doing) and I see you have some great books listed to go with the FIAR book titles.

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by :D I highly recommend the Japanese body science books, me and my kids just laughed and laughed, especially the holes in the nose book....they have several others that we do not have ourselves, but Everybody Poops is an ever popular one as well. :D

MaryAnne said...

These look like great books! Hopefully I'll manage to link up next week!