Saturday, October 16, 2010

It was not a stellar reading week. We still read many books, but Smarty was not thrilled with Halloween theme in my library selections. Pretty much everything was “too scary” to her, and she kept reading Care Bears Storybook Treasury to herself after bedtime – probably to take her mind off Halloween topics. She promptly returned all Halloween books to my library bag and instructed me not to bring any more Halloween reads. Still, let me try and find some of her favorites for the week.
Hugless Douglas
Hugless Douglas by David Melling came to us as for review from Tiger Tales. Smarty loved the ending of the story, but I won’t reveal it here. She didn’t find the book as funny as I thought it was, but perhaps she was just not in the right mood that day. Illustrations (also by David Melling) are very well done. We had a long discussion about what an "unrequited hug” means. Yes, that was a vocabulary word from this book.
Rabbit's Pajama Party
Rabbit’s Pajama Party is a Stuart J Murhphy’s book from MathStart series. It presents a simple time sequencing “first, next, last”. I only looked through this book – Smarty added it to her “read in bed” pile immediately and refuses to return it to the library, so it must be appealing to her. I assume that the appealing part is not so much a riveting story or challenging math, but funny and comforting illustrations by Frank Remkiewicz.
Little Green
Little Green by Keith Baker was recommended by April Showers. This book just begs to be made into StArt project, but unfortunately Smarty was not interested in that. We had this book for almost 3 weeks now, and she still returns to it. The book is appealing to younger audience because of colors and easy rhymes. Smarty mostly likes it because of the subject – a hummingbird. We have a few in our garden, and she loves watching them.
Space Case
One Halloween story that Smarty did not reject was Space Case by Edward and James Marshall. I bought this book at the library book sale earlier this year. I think the story would probably work better for an older reader who could understand the humor in the situation. Halloween is only one part of the story which revolves around a “space case” – some sort of creature from an outer space. Boys and their fathers are almost guaranteed to enjoy reading it together.
Garden of Eden
My “special mention” goes to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden book by Jane Ray. Interestingly, while writing this post I found out that she wrote The Dollhouse Fairy – the book Smarty absolutely adored. Well, she did not adore this Bible Story – in fact, she demanded for me to stop reading the book in the middle, because she remembered how the story ended and didn’t want to hear that ending yet again. The illustrations, however, are extraordinary, and I really enjoyed studying them on my own. Perhaps children with more conventional religious upbringing will find the story less frightening than Smarty did. By the way, this book softens the ending quite a bit.


Summer Skeeter said...

I will definitely look into Hugless Douglas and Space Case. We love bears and aliens around here. The others sound interesting as well. Thank you for hosting WMCIR.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

I hope you find some Halloween books Anna does like! Good luck:-).

Even though your theme didn't go over well, a lot of these books look adorable and fun. Especially Hugless Douglass and Little Green.

Debbie said...

We don't get away with Halloween theme books here either,unless it is simple pick your pumpkin theme which to me is more harvest or Autumn themed. I will have to keep my eyes open for some of these books and see what we think. Thank you for sharing and hosting WMCIR.

Ticia said...

So what about the ending of Adam and Eve is scary?

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Hugless Douglas sounds like a book my children would find funny - we have a couple huggers, who often feel they have unrequited hugs :)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Matthew picked up Space Case at our library this week too, and totally did not get it, although he seemed to like it anyway. He was taken with the idea of beings from outer space.
We will be looking for Little Green and Hugless Douglas - they sound like ones we'd really enjoy!

Joyful Learner said...

JC loves Halloween stories. Not too surprising since I loved scary stories as a kid. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. And while JC is the least bit conventional, she loves Bible stories! Interesting how Anna and JC fall on the opposite spectrum for everything! But one thing they do have in common...Care Bears! JC owns the treasury also. I'm surprised Anna isn't scared of Prof. No Heart or some of the conflicts they face.

Katie said...

Hugless Douglas looks great, we will have to look for that one.

Infant Bibliophile said...

I might check out Hugless Douglas. My son is often refusing hugs (or just looking at me a little panicked) from the girls in his playgroups. Maybe he got my lesson that he doesn't have to hug anyone he doesn't want to a little too well. He's always telling me that he didn't want to hug that person because he/she is "a new friend." He says he just hugs Mama and Dada, and if pressed, he'll agree to grandparents.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

I stopped by to scroll through your widget again, I see that you got Hallo-Weiner. What in the world did Anna think of it? Now, Joe thought it was hilarious, but I am very curious to see what Anna thought.

I just reserved Space Case from our library for Joe.

Jackie H. said...

You just never know with kids. I wasn't sure what Logan would think about the Halloween books either. I actually think he's a little too young to be scared and that it may be harder for him as he gets older and more imaginative. It's good, though, that Anna is able to express her likes and dislikes about books and why she doesn't like them. That will take her far :)