Friday, September 11, 2009

Sep07_MamaAnna_SM It was a slow week here. Smarty was fighting off some virus over the weekend and acted more tired than usual most of the week. We took Monday completely off any school activities to celebrate The End of Summer, and it was a lot of fun. Smarty played a lot independently this week, and that’s exactly what I wanted – less structured, mama-led activities, more unstructured play. Still, we did a few things this week.Sep8_Writing_SM
Phonics and Prewriting. We only did two Progressive Phonics sessions this week – we learned sp and st sounds. This is not a challenge, but th remains to be a challenge. Also we are definitely nowhere near sight fluency – Smarty still has to decode every word, even if this word is repeated on the page 5 times. Still, she enjoys learning, and I enjoy teaching. She is also interested in writing letters, even though I don’t encourage it and don’t do any worksheet work on writing yet. She was in the middle of a birthday party for her toy, when she decided to write Happy Birthday card. A least one letter H is pretty legible, and her capital A that she practices non-stop is getting better. She really wants to learn to write her name and, fortunately, she only needs to know two letters to do that :)
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Our topic this week was Seasons, and here are our book picks. Bear Facts series is pretty neat – it explains science concepts in very simple terms. Sunshine Makes the Seasons is meant for 10 year olds or higher – we skipped all the pages that explain how exactly light falls on Earth, etc. I strongly recommend First Comes Spring. The book is really nicely done, because it has three double pages per season. One talks about a bear child and what he wears for this season. It also draws attention to the changes in an apple tree between seasons. Then there is a very richly illustrated double page of a small town in the middle of the season. And, finally, there is a page with individual pictures from the previous page that names all the activities. You can do so many different things with this book – name the seasons, match the pictures, discuss the difference between work activities and play activities, etc. We had a lot of fun, and Smarty learned two basic facts about the seasons. They happen because the Earth moves around the Sun, and because we get more sunlight in the summer than in the winter. She knew all the seasons before, so it wasn’t new, and I didn’t expect her to understand how the tilt in the axis actually makes it all happen.
Arts and Crafts. We participated in an Open-Ended Art linky and made Elmer. We also did some teddy bear projects for our Teddy Bear day, and Smarty made this Pumpkin Bear as a follow-up yesterday. For some reason this bear really cracks me up – she deliberately turned his paws into a tail and said that the bear pretends to be Swiper. Smarty and papa also spent some time playing with our puppet theater. My husband was running his own puppet theater with his friends when he was a teenager, and he loves playing with puppets just as much as Smarty  (interestingly, he hates playing with dolls :)) It’s fun to watch them interact during puppet play, and it’s awesome that she gets such an early exposure to theater setup and rules.
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whisperingwhispers said...

I love just letting Selena do her own thing. She is like Anna wanting to learn her letters, Sometimes she cracks me up with her scribbles but to her they are letters, words, or sentences. Puppets are such a wonderful fun tool for play and learning!

MaryAnne said...

You always do so many wonderful things with Anna! Reading about all the things your husband and Anna do in your puppet theater makes me think I should make one for my children.

The Harris Family said...

Looks like a great week. thanks for the season book suggestions and her bear turned out so cute.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Matthew is really wanting to learn to "draw letters" too lately. I downloaded a great resource from that helps children learn how to form letters by shaping them with their hands and bodies... I don't have the link right now, but if you are interested in it I'll find it for you. We do sandpaper letters and form letters with glass rocks, etc. Anna is doing great - I definitely saw an "H"! And I love her pumpkin bear and his tail (even though I have no idea who Swiper is). Looks like another great week! I hope she is feeling all better by now!

Susana said...

Her "H" looks really good. You had a busy week even though you say it was a "week" off in some ways:-). It's great she wants to learn to write her name. Hanna had no desire to write until she was 4 1/2--I was beginning to worry:-).

I really like the picture of the two of you, very sweet!

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

Did she graduate from Totschool to Preschool Corner I go back and forth about where I should post!

I added you to my new blogroll on the new blog! Don't forget to visit there from now on! :)

Orange Juice said...

that photo of you two is so sweet!!!!!!!!

Virginia Lee said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Looks like you all did quite a bit of preschool for a sick week.