Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Last week, Smarty got great news - she was selected as a Caroline D. Bradley scholar. She was a finalist last summer but the selection committee chose to "defer" her and offered her an exceptional opportunity to try again this year. It was amazing that she got this honor in the first place and it was even more amazing to get another chance for it without having to go through a very thorough process of essays, recommendations, and testing again.
Since Smarty is already in 9th grade and loves her current school, she will be added to "class of 2023" - CDB scholars scheduled to graduate in 2013. She will meet all of them at a yearly event in LA in March. In the meantime, she can stay in touch via emails/group chats.
Smarty has a lot of people to thank for her success - my blog friend Min who first gave us an idea that this scholarship exists, her 7th grade science teacher who must have given her a great recommendation, her taekwondo instructor for his extracurricular recommendation, and me for keeping her on track with all the prep work required for her application. But, as my husband pointed out, in the end, it's her own personality that charmed CDB interviewers into offering her another chance, so she deserves recognition as well.
One of the essay prompts was, "Tell us what you like to do in your free time." Now I can share Smarty's response to this prompt :)
Reader Girl

The work is over,
Nothing more needs to be done.
But there’s still some time left
Before the setting of the sun. 

The computer is closed,
The games put away.
I am not with them,
How am I ending my day?

You’d follow my path,
Up the stairs I have tread.
I went to my bedroom,
But I won’t be in bed.

You’ll only need to come in,
Take only one look.
You’ll immediately find me,
With my head in a book.

I may be wiggling,
I may be still.
But really I’m traveling,
Over road, stream, and hill.

I’m exploring new worlds,
New places in my hands.
I follow the characters,
As they traverse foreign lands.

I feel what they feel,
I know what they know.
I’m always with them,
Wherever they go.

I am the character,
For a too-short time.
I know what they think,
Whether bad or sublime.

I follow the adventures,
Captured by the intrigue.
I experience it as if real,
The joy, the pain, the fatigue.

But all too soon,
The book draws to a close.
The last page creeps up on me, 
And I’m left morose.

I experience sadness,
I really want more.
The plot stays in my thoughts,
The characters which I adore.

But it doesn’t last!
I get over it quick.
I start on a new book,
Before the clock makes a tick.

For me, books are a cycle!
There always are more.
Behind every cover,
I find a door.

A door to imagination,
A door to fun.
And the best part about them,

Is that I will never be done.


MaryAnne said...

Fantastic news! Huge congratulations, Smarty!

Joyful Learner said...

Ooh, I love her response to the question! Very creative and fun! I'm going to share it with K. I'm sure she'll love it too as she too is a big reader. I have to say that the CDB application process was worth going through despite its length. I think it gave a better idea of what to look forward to when doing college applications. We also learned a thing or two. K was torn about asking a recommendation from the librarian who knew her longer and the LCM founder who probably would have written her a better recommendation since she gets gifted kids. But K didn't think she knew her well enough so she ended up asking the librarian. She did get a great one from her Humanities teacher, I'm sure.

I'm very excited for Smarty. Keep us posted on how CDB helps her through high school and what they offer her in terms of guidance.

I feel like they have 4-5 short years left and there is a lot of growing and developing that happens during these years. When I look at the high school students and the middle school kids, there's a huge difference in maturity and thinking. I'm looking forward to seeing how our girls grow up and at the same time, I can't believe how fast time flies. Wasn't it yesterday when our girls were toddling around in the playground?

Ticia said...


That is an amazingly lyrical poem, well done Smarty!