Saturday, August 3, 2019

  • It was another camp week for Smarty with an outdoor "farm camp". The good part was that she was there with her best friend, and I could split driving duties with his parents. The bad part was that both kids did not enjoy the camp and complained that they are treated as elementary school students, not as teenagers. This is a tricky part of multi-age camps - they can go very well or very badly. At least Smarty and her friends enjoyed hanging out together and comparing notes.
  • In the late afternoons, Smarty and her friend still wanted to hang out together, talk, and play Minecraft, so overall she had a good time this week.
  • In addition, Smarty finished her Precalculus course - all that she has left is to pass a final exam. She plans to do it during the last week of her summer break and before orientation. In the meantime, she still wants to review a couple of challenging topics, since she wants to get an "A" in her exam.
  • I, on the other hand, was stuck in long meetings every day and am looking forward to a slightly less crazy work week next week. 
  • One of my long meetings was our team's offsite. I enjoyed spending more time with my teammates - we all work on different projects and don't get a chance to hang out together as often as we should. We also had a nice dinner where I ate too much and swore that I will never again have sparkling water with my meal - so... much... heartburn!
  • I have no idea what Smarty read this week since I did not really see her much due to my work schedule. I used my little free time to read a "relaxing" thriller The Short Drop by Matthew FitzSimmons. The book did not require deep thinking since I could kind of see fairly early where it's going but the story was very engaging. 

Your Turn
How was your week?


Ticia said...

Our last week was crazy busy, but it was lots of fun in general. This week is another busy week, but after that school starts back up for most people, so it should calm down a little bit.

Or so I tell myself, as my past says I am totally fooling myself.