Monday, August 19, 2019

Today, Smarty headed out back to school for her first day of 9th grade. It was a short "class preview" day where they mostly received their syllabuses and textbooks and talked a little bit about class expectations and such.
She is pretty happy with her schedule that so far looks like this on most days:

  • First period - Calculus AB
  • Second period - British Literature
  • Third period - Spanish 2
  • Fourth period - Choir
  • Fifth period - US History
  • Sixth period - Chemistry
Just like last year, she will have an "independent study" in PE making her martial arts classes count as PE. She will also have a college prep period and Speech and Debate class once a week on Wednesdays. She has four "study hall" periods built into her schedule on all days except Monday, so she can use them for homework or projects. She is pretty happy with this schedule especially since she has a history class with a teacher that she wanted to have. 
Smarty also plans to participate in at least two clubs offered by her school - an environmental "green team" and a community service "interact club". She hopes that her schedule does not change since she likes all the classes and all the teachers and she can't wait to really get started. She is hoping for a great year ahead and so do we. 

Your Turn

Has your school year started yet?


MaryAnne said...

That does sound like a great schedule! I hope she enjoys her year.

School is one week in here...

Ticia said...

That sounds like a great schedule. At some point soon I need to look at what to do for foreign language.