Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This week, Smarty is off on her own in Yunasa camp in Colorado. The camp does not allow calls home unless campers are really homesick. We did not get any calls or other forms of communication, so I am really hoping that Smarty is doing well and enjoying herself. Of course, I am looking forward to seeing her on Saturday. In the meantime, we also enjoy our time as a couple - on Saturday, we went on a late evening show of Dark Phoenix, hiked Big Basin on Sunday, and planning to go with our friend to our favorite restaurant in Saratoga on Wednesday night.
Before Smarty left, I asked her to write a list of things she wants to do this summer. Here is her list:
... This summer I want...
  1. To read 5 new nonfiction books.
  2. To submit a project for the Khan Academy summer program.
  3. To finish at least 50 pages of my book.
  4. To finish ALEKS pre-calc
  5. To be able to ride my bike to Matt’s house
  6. To practice my Spanish 
  7. To help out with taekwondo at least 5 times
  8. To create a plan for my room 
  9. To visit my friends 
  10. To become more independent
  11. To learn to cook 5 dishes
I hope that Smarty will have an opportunity to do all these things on her list. After all, her summer has just begun and there is still so much of it is waiting for her once she comes back from her first sleepaway camp ever.

Your Turn

What are your kids planning for this summer?


MaryAnne said...

I would love to hear what Smarty does with her room!

Emma and Johnny are both taking a Python programming class this summer. Johnny is also working his way through the Art of Problem Solving Pre-Algebra book via Facetime with my mom.

Otherwise we have a family reunion, a road trip for me and the kids, and a homeschool conference (even though nobody will homeschool this fall all four kids really wanted to go).

Ticia said...

Well, we had June, which hopefully I'll get writing about tomorrow, but we just got home.

I've given up on summer goals, because they always get thrown out in the end. But, they've picked out their books to read for the summer, and are busy with their projects for the summer.