Monday, June 3, 2019

Highlights of May

May was a great month here. Smarty did all she could to finish her year with all As. I had nothing to do with her homework and projects - she handled everything independently and, while she still tends to procrastinate, she had all her work done and submitted on time. Now it's time to wrap it all up with finals, and she will be enjoying her summer break for the next 9 weeks!
I enjoyed my trip to Beijing very much combining business and a couple of days of sightseeing. Work is going well - our team keeps growing, and there are new managers coming on board, but I will continue to report to my current boss, and this is what I wanted with this expansion, so this is great news all around.
At home, we are starting to enjoy summer after a few unusually cold days in May. Our garden is in bloom, we had a successful crop of cucumbers, and our tomatoes promise to ripen by the beginning of July. Smarty is enjoying our community pool that opened on Memorial Day and goes there every day when she does not have her taekwondo classes. She is also mastering a big cruiser bike and hopes to gain enough confidence to be able to ride it to her best friend (he lives about half a mile away, but she would need to cross a fairly busy street to get there).

June Goals

June word of the month is Novelty. Smarty is going to an overnight camp in a different state for the first time. She is nervous and excited about it at the same time, and we hope that she will have a great experience despite rain in the forecast. In the meantime, we are going to learn how an empty nest feels like even though it will be for just one week. 
Next, we are going to fly in, pick Smarty up from her camp and spend several days exploring Colorado. We will stay a few days in Colorado Springs and then will relocate to Boulder. Once we are back home, Smarty will have a few days on her own and then will start her next camp in one of our local community colleges. This is a high-school STEAM camp, and she is taking intro to bio-engineering and science of cooking. The good part is that she is no longer worried about interacting with older kids, since she did it successfully this year in her high school classes.
We are all looking forward to these new experiences and to the first month of summer!

Your Turn

What are your goals for June?


Ticia said...

This is our month of all the travel we'll be doing, so it's going to be lots and lots of travel.