Monday, May 27, 2019

Our community pool opened last Friday, and Smarty could not wait to get in. This year, she is old enough to get a blue card - this card allows her to come to the pool on her own during the times when is is staffed by lifeguards and stay in the pool for up to 6 hours (the pool does enforce 15 minutes "adult swim" breaks every hour). Smarty hopes to make a good use of the pool on the days when she does not have camps this summer. She also wants to read, watch science channels on YouTube, meet up with friends, and generally be free of inevitable stress that comes with homework and grades.
Frankly, I envy her this feeling of coming freedom. I remember it all too well from my own school days, and I think this is what is precious about summer - sleeping in, staying up late, and the freedom of "doing nothing" for a while. Yes, I understand the value of volunteering or summer jobs, but... there is a whole adult life waiting out there full of responsibilities and routines. The childhood is all too short, and I really hope that Smarty will enjoy this summer including the summer camps she chose herself.

Your Turn

What are you looking forward to this summer?


Joyful Learner said...

We look forward to swimming, biking, reading, writing, coding, walking dogs for money, starting an Etsy store, hanging out with friends, playing tennis, ping pong, and board games....doing a little math and cooking...all the things that gives us joy! Summers are wonderful for doing all the things we love. But then again, K enjoyed her school year and got to explore other things she loves as well like video production and ceramics. They will be doing the school olympics next which will help close off the year. Not too much stress this year but still looking forward to summer!!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

A little summer freedom sounds pretty good! It holds so much room for creativity.

MaryAnne said...

Emma has to turn 14 to use our pool alone - she is jealous! What a great freedom for Smarty!

Ticia said...

Our neighborhood pool doesn't have lifeguards, so it's pretty much whenever your parents are willing to send you alone. That's a big deal Smarty! Congratulations!

I'm totally with you on the importance of chilling and summer days.