Thursday, April 11, 2019

We just came back from spring break, and it means that it's time to finalize our summer break :) Well, the only person who really gets a summer break is Smarty, and she had to make some hard choices this summer. Unfortunately, three events all fell on the same weekend - national science bee competition in Chicago, her black belt testing, and Yunasa camp in Colorado. This camp is run by the same organization that awards Caroline D. Bradley scholarship, and Smarty had "a free ride" to this camp as a last year's CDB finalist.
Originally, Smarty really wanted to go to Chicago, but then she weighed all pros and cons (including the cost of the trip to Chicago vs. saving money on the trip to Colorado) and opted for Yunasa camp. She will still hopefully be able to test for her black belt when she comes back - unfortunately, she will miss the black belt ceremony itself. She is sad to miss the chance to participate in national competition, but... she is hoping to be able to organize a science bowl team in her school next year and take it to the Nationals :).
We are happy that Smarty chose Yunasa - the camp program says that the goal of the camp is to help gifted kids to find ways to manage their emotions and calm their minds, and this is something that Smarty desperately needs. I just hope that she will be able to open her mind to instruction and that she will make new friends. She will fly to this camp as an unaccompanied minor, but we will come to pick her up in the end and will "tack on" a short driving vacation in Colorado before we head home to San Jose.
We are sad that we will not be visiting my parents this summer - my Mom has her knee replacement surgery and it's not the best time to entertain her active granddaughter. Smarty will go to Germany with my husband to see her other grandfather and her uncle and aunt. She will also have some other day camps - an outdoor camp with her best friend, a high school STEM camp (intro to biochemistry and science of cooking) in a local community college, and an AI/machine learning camp. All these camps are very different and all are just a week long, so she will still have time to hang out at home, read, go to the pool and enjoy everything that summer has to offer. Now we just need to survive two more months left in the school year :)

Your Turn

What are your summer plans?


Ticia said...

All we have planned for this summer is June, other than that, we're going to have a nice calm summer. I think.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Smarty's summer sounds fantastic! Our crew has had to make several hard choices too. There are soooooo many opportunities all happening in June, but I think they've finally all worked out their plans for the most part. C has a two week music and drama camp that will end in a weekend of performances, and I'd love to put her and E into a babysitting/CPR class, E has a Bakery Boss Jr. class through the college, driver's ed at the high school, and a week long stay-away Bible camp. D will also go to the camp and will take driver's ed with her, on top of working a summer job. A has travel plans to China (if her visa comes through) and a road trip to Texas. It will be her first time flying, so that should be interesting. The rest of her summer will be spent working, and hopefully resting a little - oh, and I got tickets to a Celtic Woman concert as part of her grad gift - for her and G and me. T will just be working as many hours as he possibly can, saving up tuition money for the coming year, and probably playing more Pathfinder than I will like. G and her husband are hoping to start house hunting for their first house this summer too, so I'm hoping they'll let Doug and I tag along some to look at houses - we love looking at houses :) But, they're pretty independent, so they might to want to do that all alone - we'll see.