Saturday, February 2, 2019


Smarty has settled into her second term and "survived" the first rush of projects and papers. She even joked that her teachers always go crazy at the beginning of the term and then "ease up". She was pretty relaxed this week and happy about working with her high school friends on a video project for her Media Studies class. She is still hanging out with middle schoolers during lunch, but it seems that she is confident and comfortable in her high school classes as well, and she is really looking forward to the next year and to being in high school full time.

After School

Unlike most of the country, we enjoyed some balmy days this week while waiting for the next rain storm to hit us over the weekend. We went for walks every day talking about everything from fashion to politics to logical fallacies to the latest fantasy series that Smarty is reading.

Places We Are Going

Our close friend came on a business trip from North Carolina (he relocated there in fall), and we went on our traditional yearly trip to Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge. We go there every year in late January or early February to take a family picture near a flowering mimosa tree. Smarty was a little disappointed with a lack of geocaches but she still enjoyed an hour long hike around salt flats.

What We Are Reading

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Smarty raced through 4 more books of The Secrets of Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott while I also raced (but far not that fast) through a dark but poignant Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Now I am going at a more leisurely pace through a non-fiction The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe by Steven Novella and enjoying it a lot.

Picture of the Week

Smarty enjoying life and being silly. 

Your Turn

How was your week?


MaryAnne K. said...

I love that photo of Smarty at the reserve. She looks so happy!

We had a pretty good week, but I'm feeling behind on a lot of things!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Your weather does look a lot more conducive to hiking than ours - good to see somebody getting out and enjoying nature :)

Ticia said...

Your picture of the week is quite fun! I like it.

My daughter is still uncertain about high school, but still likes the idea of being ahead of everyone else in that matter...