Monday, January 7, 2019

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As the year 2018 was coming to a close, I did some reflection on my values by rereading an excellent book by Allyson Lewis The 7 Minute Solution: Time Strategies to Prioritize, Organize & Simplify Your Life at Work and at Home. The main point of the book is that our actions should be driven by our priorities, and our priorities are defined by our values. The companion website has great worksheets that really helped me to identify (again) my most important values. For me they are:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Meaningful Work
  • Financial Security
  • Learning
  • Relationships
  • Choice
  • Order
  • Comfort
  • Travel
Knowing my values helps me in defining my goals for the year where my family and my health come first, but I hope to make meaningful contributions in my job and enjoy financial security as well as choice and comfort that it brings. I want to keep learning new things by watching documentaries and reading non-fiction books, and I want to enjoy friendships. 
Going through the list of about 75 values made me realize that I value order higher than many other people do, and I really appreciate our comfortable and mostly orderly house. However, there are "trouble spots" that we plan to declutter, organize, and and improve this year. Finally, I am looking forward to more travel - we have not quite decided yet how we will use our vacation time this year, but travel, both local and international, is on our "to do list" this year. 
I am looking forward to the year ahead - hoping, first of all, that it will be a healthy year for all of us, and planning my days every day to align with my values. I am sure that not everything will work out exactly the way I plan, but I choose to be an optimist and to believe that it will be a good year for my family, for my country, and for the world.

Your Turn

What are some of your values?


MaryAnne said...

Family, Creativity, and Community are probably my top three. I want to read that book!

Ticia said...

Hmmmm.... I don't think I'd put order that high up, but I should probably value it more than I currently do.