Saturday, January 26, 2019


Smarty enjoyed an extra day off this week for MLK day. She was not keen to go back to getting up early, but she was in a good mood coming home from school. She was delighted to find out that she does not need to take geometry as a separate subject in school - her headmaster said that geometry topics are incorporated in her Algebra 2 class and will be also included in her Precalculus class and then reflected on her transcript. It means that she might be able to jump to Precalculus directly once she completes her online Algebra 2 course. It's currently a bit slow going, since the last remaining topics are complex and Smarty is also spending time on reviews to prepare for her final exam.

After School

Smarty enjoys her taekwondo classes and now assists in the class for the youngest taekwondo students. She is patient and nurturing with little ones and finds them "cute". I cannot help flashing back to times when she was just as small. But she misses her main coach who is taking time off due to back injury. This is my biggest fear about this sport - some serious injury that can sideline her for a while. She does not have any such fears though and continues her belt black preparation hoping to test for her black belt in June.

Places We Are Going

We finally had a dry weekend and could go out on Monday for another hike and geocaching. We tried for 3 caches this time, but could find only two of them. Technically, we had a pretty good idea where the third might be, but the terrain was too treacherous and too wet to get to it. The hike itself was in Shoreline park where we go quite often, but geocaching took us to the trails that we haven't tried before, so it was a big plus.

What We Are Reading

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Smarty really enjoyed The Calculating Stars: Lady Astronaut Novel by Mary Robinette Kowal - so much that she asked me to prioritize it in my reading queue. We both read Rosenkrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard - it was her school assignment, and she wanted to discuss it with me. I am now reading a very interesting book by Dr. Mark Hyman, Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? as my non-fiction read of the week.

Favorite Memory of the Week

My favorite memory is just cuddling in the evening with Smarty, listening to her talking happily to herself in the shower, and watching TV together. I am grateful that she is still a child who loves her parents, soft things, babies, and kittens. All those sulky teenage years can wait!


Ticia said...

I LOVE Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead! It's one of my favorites.

MaryAnne K. said...

Yes, enjoy the non-sulky years as long as is possible!

I've decided that there is no such thing as a sport where you won't get injured once you reach a serious level. Well, at least no such thing as an aerobic sport. Things like archery are pretty safe (assuming you follow basic safety guidelines).