Saturday, January 12, 2019


It was the first week back to work and school for all of us, and it felt long. Yet again, teachers dumped tons of homework on Smarty and her classmates on the first day back, and this time some of the homework are projects, such as geography report of at least 2,000 words on the country selected by a teacher (Smarty got Uganda), producing a short video for a Media Studies class, and designing material to teach a marine biology class on DNA and RNA. On top of this, Smarty still had four final exams to complete, because she missed the last two days of finals on the account of having a stomach bug. She had to stay after school to finish these tests, but overall she was a trooper and did not complain much even though she was exhausted.

After School

Smarty did not have much free time this week because of her coming home late from school and then having to do her homework. She managed to get to her taekwondo class twice and enjoyed her art class on Saturday. By Saturday, she caught up with some of her urgent items and could relax and enjoy a birthday party for her best friend and another playdate with neighbors.

What We Are Reading

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Again, Smarty did not have much time to read this week and was mostly browsing through comic books to unwind. I, on the other hand, read a lot, because I could not put down a science fiction novel Ancillary Justice by Ann Lecke. I picked up this book on Kindle daily deals when it was on sale, because I remembered my book-loving friend speaking highly of it, and I really enjoyed it even though I am still divided whether to let Smarty read it. I also read through our first issue of New Scientist magazine - a Christmas gift to all of us from my parents. There are so many fascinating topics in this issue, but my favorite article was about "dark ages" of Earth history.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Smarty to me, "Yes, my school is difficult and exhausting, and at times more stressful than my previous school, but I still love it."

Your Turn

How was your week?


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

That is a lot of homework! More, I think, than Thomas or Abby received in their first week back into their college and university classes - wow. It's good that she's rising to the challenge, though. Now I have to add your book recommendation to my reading list. I've been reading a very mediocre YA dystopian novel, "The Girl Who Dared to Think", that I probably won't be passing on to the girls - I wouldn't mind something better to follow it up with :)

Ticia said...

That's a great quote from her. It shows she's finally found the right school.