Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I have to be real here. I am not in love with cleaning. In fact, I am endlessly grateful that we can afford house cleaners who come to our house every two weeks and leave behind clean carpets and bathrooms. I am not shooting for minimalistic lifestyle that I had after relocating to California - for better or for worse, my husband has a lot of hobbies which means that we have a lot of "stuff". Stuff also accumulates as we go about our daily lives and sometimes spreads more than we like. As I said here, I like order and having too many things floating around or even sitting quietly in the closets bothers me. However, I am not up for the revolutionary approach of Marie Kondo, and I don't want to spend an entire day cleaning and organizing. Instead, I created a long list of things to clean and organize with the goal of finishing one or two items on my list every week. Here is what we've managed to do this year so far:

  •  Thoroughly clean Smarty's room (but not sorting through books, clothes, and toys yet) and putting together two bags of trash and a bag to donate.
  • Sort through all my clothes - I "re-discovered" several pairs of pants that actually fit and also sent two bags to a donation pile.
  • Sort and organize our spices/oils cabinet in the kitchen - suddenly we have space again even though we found several "copies" of chili and sesame seeds. Apparently, they are my favorite spices, since I keep buying them :)
  • Take everything out of the fridge, thoroughly clean it, toss expired foods, and put everything back. 
  • Clean our freezer - unfortunately, it is still pretty packed.
  • Clear out our "catch all" food cabinet with dry foods - donate some, toss some, and admire an unexpected abundance of space :)
I am fortunate that my husband also likes order, even more than I do, so he is actively involved in all cleaning efforts while also making sure that I don't "go overboard" (my initial intention was to toss all the candy on our counters, but we ended up taking some of it to the office and having Smarty take some back to her school). Smarty is less than thrilled about all this cleaning - she claims that she loves her room messy and resents our requirement to clean it up at least twice a week. But even she had to admit that her room looks better after the deep cleaning we gave it. I have hopes that her desire for order will one day manifest itself - either in my own minimalistic approach to possessions or in my husband's love of creative storage solutions.

Your Turn

Do you enjoy keeping your house in order?


KLC said...

What I love about MariKondo method is that it makes it easy for K to keep things in order so I don’t have to! She’s gotten pretty good at folding and loves the order when she opens her dressers. She was inspired to organize her craft supplies after that.

Ticia said...

I so don't enjoy it, but know I need to do it. It's a constant struggle.

Ticia said...

This may be a duplicate because it said the first didn't go through.

I'm not a fan of cleaning, but recognize it needs to be done. We're going to do another round of it in a couple of the rooms tomorrow.

MaryAnne K. said...

I don't enjoy it, but I do appreciate the end result!