Saturday, December 8, 2018

Somehow this week seems really long, and I can't believe that my birthday was just this past Monday. Perhaps it is because the week quite busy, with my parents leaving on Wednesday, a lot of work events, Hanukkah celebrations, and rushing to complete homemade Christmas presents and card. In addition, I was quite sick and still feel a bit under weather.

My Birthday

I had a terrific birthday if we omit the fact that I was sick. Smarty gave me a terrific photo album full of pictures, coupons, drawings, and poems. I also got a lot of presents from my husband and parents and felt very spoiled getting birthday wishes from my friends all over the world. Our best friends took me to a very nice restaurant on Sunday - we agreed that it will be our tradition from now on to take a birthday girl/boy to a new restaurant rather than think up presents. Luckily, our friends have a babysitter for their son, and Smarty is quite content by now to stay home on her own.

Grandparents Visit

As always, I feel bad for not doing more with my parents when they come to visit. This time, the weather cooperated only partially as we had a lot of rain during their visit, but we did manage to go on a short hike on Sunday morning. My parents enjoyed spending time with their granddaughter, and my Mom even made traditional Russian pelmeni with Smarty. She gobbled them up enthusiastically and took them to school for lunch the next day.


Smarty had her last sailing lesson of this year on Thursday and enjoyed it quite a bit, because the wind was mild, and the weather was sunny and beautiful. She said that she was invited to join a high school racing team in January, but she was not ready to commit to a longer practice and to Saturday races for this year. Perhaps she might be more interested in this next year once she completes this "intro to sailing" course that she is taking now - the classes will resume in the end of February.

After School

Smarty had a "belt graduation" ceremony last Saturday and received her red belt. She is not going for another belt in December, but she plans to start assisting on Tuesdays in the class of kids under 6 years old, attend her legacy training on Wednesdays and train regularly on Tuesday and Friday. This gives her more time on the other days for other things including hanging out with her friend across the street, doing Scratch, and watching science and cooking videos on YouTube. 

What We Are Reading

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Yet again, Smarty was mostly on re-reads this week, going over The Mysterious Benedict Society series. To my surprise, she was also reading Life of Fred: Trigonometry book. She says that she is reading it not for math but for the story line, but she asked me a couple of questions related to math in the book. She is studying trigonometry now as part of her Algebra 2 online class. She does not move as fast through trigonometry skills as she usually does, but she says that she enjoys trigonometry and that she does not need any help. I guess the proof will be when she attempts the final exam - she is already 95% through her Algebra 2 class.
I have finished Need to Know by Karen Cleveland, which had a satisfying end, and now switched to my next non-fiction read, A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

Best Memory of the Week

Celebrating my birthday with my loved ones :)

Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

When Educents was closing I picked up all of the Life of Fred high school math books so I'd have them for Princess when she got to them. It'll be interesting to see.
The Pelmeni looks rather like Chinese dumplings. It's interesting to me how many culture have taken an idea and changed it for their own culture.