Sunday, December 30, 2018

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas week in our house. It started with celebrating Christmas Eve with our best friends at their house and then spending Christmas Day at home as a family. This year, we decided to "pace" our gift opening by opening a new present every 20 minutes, and it worked out very well in terms of having time to really look and appreciate every present. Smarty was very happy with this book that our best friend sent her, but her most favorite present was her new Chromebook. She did have an exclusive use of a laptop before, but it was not officially "hers". This one is and she spent a lot of time on it this week. We let her enjoy it, because, after all, it's Christmas :)
Both Smarty and I enjoyed our new soft pajamas, and our days often started lounging around in them before getting dressed. We are making progress building a giant LEGO Hogwarts castle that my husband gave me for my birthday - we are building it all together and hope to get it done by the time our vacation is over.
One of Smarty's most favorite presents was her bean bag. She wanted a bean bag for a long time, but she did not expect to get it this Christmas, so she was absolutely delighted when she opened a small box that contained a "coupon" for it and then we brought it out from the garage. She now spends a lot of time reading or using her computer in her room on her bean bag. We sort of miss having her in the office with us, but we feel at the same time that she needs to develop some autonomy.

Places We Are Going

We did not spend an entire week in our pajamas - we also saw friends, went for walks and saw an amazing Chinese dance show Shen-Yun (another Christmas present from me for an entire family). We all really enjoyed the show even though we wished that this American based company refrained from heavy handed political commentary on modern China and just focused on the beauty of Chinese culture. There was one number that actually gave Smarty nightmares. 

What We Are Reading

Smarty mostly enjoyed the books that she got for Christmas, and I finished a thought provoking semi-fantasy This I Know by Eldonna Edwards. 
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Favorite Moments of the Week

It was really heart-warming to see Smarty so grateful, happy, and relaxed. Often, I feel that she is wasting her time, but this Christmas week it felt that we all really treasured this opportunity to just enjoy being together and doing what we like. I almost want to "bottle" this feeling of happy relaxation to use as needed once we go back to work and school. But, in the meantime, we have another week to enjoy and we fully intend to do so.

Your Turn

How was your Christmas week?


MaryAnne said...

I wondered about that show - thanks for the review! Would you recommend the Hogwarts castle Lego set?

Ticia said...

I wonder if that's a national show because the name sounds familiar. I see paper ads for it everywhere.
Weeks like that are well worth saving the memory for crazier weeks later on.