Saturday, December 22, 2018


It was the last week of school this year for Smarty. It did not go to plan as Smarty woke up on Tuesday night throwing up and spent Wednesday in bed with fever. The stomach bug retreated a bit on Thursday, but she was too tired to go back to school. As a result, she missed 2 out of 3 days of finals and will have to catch up after the break - luckily, this first week of January is the last week of the term and set aside for this kind of emergencies.

After School

Smarty's art school is also going on vacation for 2 weeks. She loves her art class, and enjoys working on more complex projects for several weeks in a row. This will eventually become a monochrome painting with all objects in shades of green. I am glad that her instructors are supportive but not overpowering and that she is exposed to some amazing young artists in her age group.

What We Are Reading

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In positive news, Smarty "doubled down" on reading while she was sick. According to her, reading does not require any effort for her and therefore a perfect activity to do while sick. Here are some of the books that she read this week (and she enjoyed all of them opening a few new series for her to read):

I am finishing up Math with Bad Drawings, a great book both for math lovers and math haters. This book might make a great Christmas presence for math lovers.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Smarty to me, "I was working on your presents, but not everything worked out as expected, so I hope you like your presents chunky style".

Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

I totally agree with her, reading is the absolute perfect thing to do when sick. It was truly indicative of how bad I felt when on bed rest when I was pregnant with the boys, that I had a hard time focusing to read.