Friday, November 2, 2018

Today, I am grateful for my daughter still being a child. It used to be common for 12 year olds to still be kids. But now the whole concept of a tween came to being. I met plenty of tween girls in Smarty's old school - those girls who seem so anxious to grow up. When Smarty was in 6th grade, her grade mates were busy "constructing" couples and were already on Instagram, Facebook and other social media despite age limit set to all social media platforms. I am grateful that Smarty always marched to her own beat even when it set her apart from her classmates. I am also grateful that she has some friends whose parents were also determined to guard their childhood and set limits on social media and generally on the use of electronic devices.
I am grateful that Smarty can go across the street and play with her friend who is a year older but still very much a kid as well. They jump on a trampoline, play basketball, play board games or do something creative together. Yes, occasionally they do play Minecraft, but it is not something that consumes all of their time. I am grateful that my daughter does not care about the latest fad and does not watch any tween programs on TV. I am proud that she does not hesitate to say that she is a nerd.
I am grateful that our 12 year old is still a kid physically. She has no interest in boys, and she hates being touched by anyone except her family. That does create certain challenges with other girls who like close contact, but she is very direct telling everyone that she does not enjoy hugs and other physical manifestations of affection. I know that it's all going to change once the nature works its magic, but... I am not rushing that moment. I am really enjoying this interesting age at the end of childhood and beginning of adolescence when Smarty studies controversial political topics one minute and plays with her dolls the next. I kind of want to freeze and enjoy this time, because I know that it's going to go away eventually. But right now I just want to be grateful.

Your Turn

What are you grateful for today?


Jaye said...

I am grateful there are other parents who are happy for their 12yo to be 12 too. <3 Thank you. :)

Ticia said...

I am so thankful for all of my kids are enjoying their childhood. At church, there are several kids who are very much in the "how quickly can I grow up" phase, which makes me sad. I'm happy to see in Princess' group there's more on the slow-growing up side.

Sadly, that's not the case for my boys at church, and that's been a struggle for us.