Saturday, November 3, 2018


Halloween was great fun for Smarty. She wore her costume to school, and everyone had last 2 periods free on Halloween for school-wide celebration complete with face painting and games. In the evening, she headed out to trick-or-treat with friends from the street while we sat outside in our witch and wizard costumes handing out more than 500 candy pieces to goblins of all sizes that converge on our street on Halloween. Now we have so much candy at home that it will be hard to keep to our "less sugar" resolution, especially since a lot of that candy are my favorite peanut Reese cups that nobody else in the family eats :)


Smarty is totally settled in school. She is making good progress in her Algebra 2 online class - I expect that she will finish it by the end of the first term in mid January. I am a little concerned with retention and understanding as she still jumps around in topics more than I would like. She has another "knowledge check" coming up - we'll see how she fares and if I need to step in more ensuring that she keeps to the "knowledge path" more than she does now.

After School

New taekwondo cycle started this week, and Smarty hopes to get enough classes in November to test for her next level by the end of the month. She has to work on her elbow strike - every time she bangs her hand hard on the board without breaking the board, I worry about her possibly breaking her wrist bone instead. However, she just shakes it off and tries again. In other news, she had her check with her orthodontist. There was no change - her jaw has not grown enough for a new set of braces, so she will continue to wear her retainer at night and return in another 6 months.

Places We Are Going

Smarty enjoyed hanging out with her best friend and a few other kids last weekend carving pumpkins and making shrinky dinks while adults chatted. We love spending time with friends.

What We Are Reading

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I actually don't know what Smarty was reading this week - apparently not much, since she did not share any new discoveries with me. I finally finished Social Intelligence (which was a really long book!) and switched to Artemis by Andy Weir - something that Smarty highly recommended to me. I am really enjoying the story and now I am curious to do some fact checking with Smarty on science in this book.

Favorite Picture

Smarty was trying on her warmer jacket for a sailing trip this coming Sunday. I just love her expression in this picture.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

Her mad scientist costume is so epic!