Saturday, November 24, 2018


We had a small but pleasant Thanksgiving holiday this year with our best friends. The turkey turned out well, and we were all properly "stuffed" by the end of the evening. I am grateful to have good friends who became practically family over years. On Friday, we got up late and just stayed inside reading, checking Amazon deals and playing games.


Smarty was a little grumpy that her school did not have a week off unlike many other schools in our area. She had several tests this week, and she feels that she did well in all of them. Naturally, her school could not let them out for Thanksgiving without some homework - her middle school English class needs to write a 10-page essay analyzing one part of Hamlet of their choice, so there is a bunch of work she needs to do to prepare for this big project due by Christmas break. Her high school media studies teachers assigned them to do a piece of propaganda by next Monday. Smarty first wanted to do a poster, but then changed her mind and created a video about saving Earth from trash.

Spending Time Outside

It finally rained this week - the rain washed smoke and dust from the air, and we could resume our long walks. Our neighborhood looks lovely with all the trees changing color and still having most of their leaves. We are hoping to go hiking tomorrow if good weather holds.

What My Child Is Reading

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We made it to the library on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Smarty loaded up on new books to read. Here are some of her picks:

Favorite Memory of the Week

Having several lazy, unstructured days in a row - priceless :)


Ticia said...

My kids are equally put out because they too had two days of school Thanksgiving week. I was not the sympathetic ear they wanted to hear. Not at all...