Sunday, November 11, 2018

Today, I am thankful for veterans. I feel grateful that my own life was not touched by war, but I heard a lot of stories from my grandparents about the days of WWII. Both my grandparents were fighting in that epic battle of the 20th century and lost some members of their families. My husband's grandparents were on the other side, in Germany. One of his grandparents was drafted late in the war despite the fact that his wife was blind. He got captured by Russians, but a Russian official deciding the fate of prisoners of war took pity on him and his situation and released him once the war was over to go back and take care of his wife.
Both my parents and my husband's parents grew up hating the whole thought of war and conflict. Of course, it did not prevent my father from being drafted and being "on call" at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis - being ready to take off in his plane if that order comes. Fortunately for the world, we stepped away from the brink... that time.
People who stepped up when their country needed them deserve our respect. I am not in favor of ever increasing military spending, but I believe that America has to have a strong and agile army. I admire people who choose to serve without a mandatory draft. I can only hope that our country will not send them to another misguided war and that we will also take care of them and their needs once they leave the service. I am thankful that we are currently at peace, and I hope with all my heart that it will last through this century and beyond.

Your Turn

Who in your family served your country?


Ticia said...

Both of my grandfathers served in World War 2, one as a pilot, and I think my Dad's Dad was a clerk of some sort.