Saturday, November 3, 2018

Today I am grateful for weekends. Smarty nailed it when she said the other day, "I like school, but I like weekends and holidays more." I am with her on that, especially now when holiday season beckons.
First of all, I love sleeping in. We are not early risers, and Smarty was "trained" from early age not to "request service" before 9 am on weekends. It's nice to be able to wake up feeling rested and cozy, without feeling that one has to get up.
I love special breakfasts on Sundays. We used to go to our favorite breakfast restaurant for brunch with our best friend, but he relocated to North Carolina in the end of September. So now my husband took over Sunday breakfast making waffles.
I also love naps. Yes, that's right - we get up late on weekends and then we try to take naps whenever we can. When we take a nap on Saturday, my husband and I have "quality time" in the evening staying late and watching a movie.
I love seeing our friends. We make a point to invite someone for Saturday night dinner almost every week and sometimes we visit our friends. Most of our friends have kids, so Smarty also have playmates when we meet up.
I also love to spend time with just the three of us. Smarty is not a big fan of movies, so family movie nights are rare. Instead, we play board games - we have quite a collection at home and get more every year. Weekends give us enough time to play longer games that require some thinking and strategy.
I love an occasional "adventure weekend" when we go places. We hope to do more of them in winter when Smarty does not have to go to taekwondo 4 times a week. New experiences keep us energized and excited about the future.
I have only one thing to wish for - more long weekends :)

Your Turn

What do you love about your weekends?


Ticia said...

I love lazy weekends, they don't really happen as often as I'd like.