Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Today, I am grateful for Smarty finding the sport she loves. She came to taekwondo dojo 2 years ago as a tiny 10 year old who spent several years in gymnastics refusing to do basic moves, because she considered them "unsafe". About a month after starting taekwondo she was breaking boards without hesitation despite pain involved when the break was unsuccessful.
I am grateful for Smarty's main instructor. It's hard to believe that he is just 20 years old - basically, barely more than a kid himself. However, he is a very patient and nurturing person, and he takes time to answer many questions that Smarty has about the mechanics of certain moves. He also has amazing energy to be able to teach so many classes in the row while also going to college - basically, he is the main instructor between 4 pm and 8:30 pm every day. He is an inspiration to Smarty and other students.
I am grateful for Smarty reaching out to help others in her taekwondo class and for being able to take direction and listen to more experienced students. Sometimes I worry about her social skills, but my worry diminishes when I watch her interact appropriately and confidently both with kids and adults in her taekwondo classes.
I am grateful that Smarty is hungry to learn new things and wants to succeed. She puts her whole being into an hour of training 3-4 times a week, and she really earns her belts. She often practices taekwondo forms at home and even walking down the street (yes, it looks a bit strange). I am grateful that she found the sport that she loves. It does not mean though that we never argue about going to practices. She is a kid and sometimes she really does not feel like interrupting what she is doing, getting changed and pounding boards for an hour. But... after a bit of convincing she makes the right choice and then always thanks me for standing my ground and making her go to practice. She is committed to becoming a black belt, to learning how to teach others and to getting stronger both physically and mentally. For all this, I am very grateful.

Your Turn

What extracurricular activities are your kids involved in?


Ticia said...

My boys love their Kung Fu class, and Princess is a big fan of American Heritage Girls. I'm very thankful for her troop, it's been a big blessing, and she's grown so much in it.