Monday, November 5, 2018

Today, I am grateful for field trips. Smarty had an amazing field trip yesterday doing marine biology experiments on a real research boat in San Francisco Bay. Her marine biology teacher has PhD in marine biology and connections to scientific marine biology community of Bay Area. His students go on field trip every year doing real research. The best part is that marine biology class is only 9 people this year, so there is a real job for everyone. Smarty's group of three people is doing research on plankton health in SF Bay, another group of three is responsible for water quality tests that will be used in plankton study and yet another group chose more of an engineering project and developed a device for taking mud samples from the bottom of the Bay.
The whole trip was designed ahead of time with students analyzing currents and tides in the Bay and choosing the best places for their experiments - planning for places that were significantly different from each other. They collected samples at three different locations - one near residential shore, one near Angel Island, and one after passing under the Golden Gate Bridge. They will analyze them next week in the school lab and then they will write a research paper with their findings. Of course, being kids, they also made sure to include the trip around Alcatraz in their itinerary - just for fun.
I am grateful for Smarty's school providing this amazing opportunity to its students. I am also grateful for a bit of couple time we received while Smarty was out on her trip. We used this time for a field trip of our own - to one of our redwood forest state parks.

Your Turn

What was the last field trip you did?


Ticia said...

I remember going on a field trip like that when I was in middle school and it was super cool.

Yesterday we went to the Austin Aquarium, but it was really a quick trip, and not really an in-depth learn a lot trip.