Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Today, I am grateful for my daughter at least trying to connect to others. Smarty is an introverted kid. She is perfectly happy to spend her days reading, exploring Scratch, and sometimes doing something creative. She does not go out of her way to signal her interest to other kids. A good example of it was the party we went to last Saturday. She was chatting with her friend until more guests arrived with their kids. Since she did not know these other kids and she did not feel like getting into the pool in 60 degrees weather, she immediately withdrew and spent the rest of the evening reading and playing on her phone. This is pretty typical of her when she is interacting with a group, so I was happy when she joined her Girl Up club in school.
I am grateful for her Media Studies teacher who leads the club. She gives the girls a lot of freedom but makes sure that there is always the next event to plan and organize. Currently they are working on a food drive and a bake sale for Thanksgiving week. She also wants them to connect and have fun, so she organized an outing on Veterans' Day to go out for some bowling and arcade games. Smarty looks concerned in this picture, because she realized once we arrived that she does not know the meeting place. Luckily, she had a permission slip with her teacher's phone on it as she did not bother to exchange phone numbers with any other students in her club. I dropped her off, and she came home happy saying that she had a lot of fun. She is now closer with two other middle school girls (yes, there is a total of three girls in her entire middle school), and she also has one high school girl friend - they do sailing and marine biology together. These are not "tight" friendships, but she seems very comfortable and happy with her social standing in school.
I am grateful that we found the place that fits her sensory and social needs while also nurturing her academic needs. Ironically, even now she often complains that her classmates are too loud and too talkative, but it's still manageable in comparison to the collaborative classroom with 26 students. I think that she will be able to handle more sensory distraction eventually, but I hope that she can spend her tender years of young adolescence in the place without too much noise and too much drama.

Your Turn

Do your kids make friends easily?


Ticia said...

I go back and forth on how well my kids make friends. At times they seem to struggle, but overall they've got a good set of friends.