Monday, October 1, 2018

Overall, September was a great month for our family. First of all, we were all healthy if we don't count a trip to urgent care on September 30. Smarty fell from the bench on the playground the day before, and her hand looked bad enough to warrant a visit to exclude the probability that it might have been broken (it was not). The work was good both for my husband and for myself, and I got a nice fat bonus, which was more than I expected. It's nice feeling appreciated by my boss and by my colleagues.
Smarty had a very busy and productive September. She had a 180 degree flip from hating her new school to appreciating its positives and now to really enjoying it. She joined Girl Up club in school and had her first fundraiser, she also tried out and was accepted into a sailing team. It's good to see her reaching out beyond academics, connecting with other kids and taking advantage of other opportunities that her school has to offer. Academically, she is doing great, with high As in all subjects including several high school classes.
Despite our fears about Smarty being overloaded with homework and extracurricular activities, she is not really that busy. She has time for 3 days of taekwondo a week, one writing class at Stanford University, and a Saturday art class that she enjoys quite a bit. She does not take any online classes except her Algebra 2 class that she takes through school. Her school uses ALEKS as a learning platform, and Smarty seems happy with it even though she does not progress as quickly now when she picked up all "low hanging fruit" topics and facing new areas of math. She still has time to meet up with friends, play Minecraft and Scratch (I say that she plays Scratch, because she is mostly exploring programs written by others), and read. Overall, I think that Smarty is in the right "zone" right now - challenged but not overwhelmed. This is reflected in her attitude that is mostly positive and cheerful vs. the grumps of August. I can only hope that her "happy run" continues into October.
Speaking of October, the word of the month is Enjoy. We all love this time of the year when the days are still warm and nights are cool, when the leaves change colors and when our Sundays are less busy. Smarty, of course, is eagerly looking forward to her birthday - this year she took care of all party planning - all that I had to do was to reserve the place (an Escape room). She is also looking forward to Halloween events both at her old school and at her new school, plus giant trick-or-treating that always happens in our area on Halloween. There is really much to look forward to, and I hope that October brings us health and happy family times.

Your Turn

What are your plans for October?


Ticia said...

We spent most of October feeling sick, which was annoying as all get out. It wasn't really anything that required going to the doctor, just vague allergies type of stuff. I'm glad for it to be done.

YAY for the adapting to the new school and thriving and loving it.