Saturday, September 1, 2018

If I have to describe our month of August in one word, I choose intense. Yes, we had a wonderful vacation in Europe, but it was also intense, with so many things to see in just one short week. Then we had to battle a jet lag and a transition back to work. Now, to finish the month on a high intensity note, I just found out that my closest ally at work and a senior manager who could wield her authority in support of my program is leaving next week.  And, of course, Smarty started her new school, which only contributed more to "mixed blessings" intensity of our August.
I want to be able to say that her first two weeks in a new school were joyful and exciting, but, again, the word intense comes to mind. Smarty moved through all kind of emotions - from being thrilled to be in Algebra 2 class to being frustrated that this class still moves too slow for her. She went from hating her Media Studies class and wanting to bail out to starting to enjoy it and deciding to stay put. The jury is still out on one most important factor - kids. She really hoped to meet other kids like her there - quirky, nerdy, different. And, I think, they do exist, but so far she feels that there is nobody in this entire school that "gets" her. Only time will tell whether her feelings are correct.
Our word of September is Adjust. We hope that Smarty will settle into a new routine of school and after school activities and will start connecting more with kids in her core group of middle school students. We will also all need to absorb two more new activities in September - a 10-week Stanford writing class which will require a lot of driving and a Saturday art class. At least Smarty is looking forward to both, and I hope that her expectations are not dashed by what will actually happen in these classes. We will have to adjust to the departure of our closest friend who is relocating to North Carolina - our Sunday morning brunches will not be the same without him. Smarty also signed up for several different events with our local organization for gifted kids in September - I look at these events as opportunities for her to meet more "kids like her" in fun activities. Still, it means that our weekends will be quite busy, and I hope that we will adjust to this feeling of being busy without being too stressed.

Your Turn

What are your goals for September?


MaryAnne K. said...

You are very busy! I didn't realize you only had one week in Europe. That is very intense!

I am anxious to hear about the Stanford writing class, and hope to maybe see you while you are on campus.

Ticia said...

That is intense!
My goal for September is adjustment. We're heading off to Universal Orlando tomorrow, so we have to adjust our schooling, and then get used to being back in the groove after the trip. It's going to be interesting to see how it goes.

Here's hoping she finds someone who gets her at school, I know that can be a hard thing to do.