Monday, August 27, 2018

It was certainly a "mixed week" in our house as we are all adjusting to going back to school.


Smarty's school started on Monday, and by Thursday she was already in a major funk. Some of it was expected - I predicted that she will be very tired after spending the whole day in the classroom where she actually has to pay attention and not just "be present". Some of her funk was related to homework and to an overall feeling of "having no fun". Unlike her previous, ultra-progressive, school, this one did not seem to spend any time on "niceties" of getting to know each other, jumping immediately into assignments, classwork, and quizzes. As Smarty is not used to it, she struggles majorly with deciding when to do homework, how much effort to spend on her homework, and planning her days. The unexpected part was that she thinks that her classmates are "not strong enough" and apparently they were struggling even more than she did with high intensity of their first week. 
In addition, Smarty really wants to get out of one of her electives (Media Studies) and replace it with an online Java Programming elective, but so far she did not get a clear answer as to if and when she will be allowed to do so. As a person who hates uncertainty, Smarty is fretting over this as well. Hopefully, she will get an answer next week.

After School

Another thing contributing to her funk was the fact that her old school only started back on Thursday, and she really yearned to spend more time with her best friend playing Minecraft. They met up on Wednesday and planned to get together on Friday again, but it was his turn to feel tired and in the funk on the account of school starting and his freedom diminished, so he bailed out on her. Smarty was very upset, because she was heroically planning her time and squeezing her taekwondo practices into other days to have time for this playdate. I really hope that she will make new friends at her new school, so she does not have to plan her free time around this one friend's availability.

Places We Are Going

Smarty felt more optimistic about life on Saturday, but still really did not want to go to see The Little Mermaid production in Carmel Theater in the Forest. We insisted, and she was glad she went. The production was absolutely amazing, and we all really enjoyed it. She just wished she had such a cool costume (and more lines) for her role as Floatsam in last year's school production of the same play. 

What We Are Reading

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In the positive news, Smarty finally returned to reading new books. She started the week with Interpreter of Maladies by Jumpha Lahiri that we got on one of the Kindle book sales, then she read The Little Prince for school, and she finished her week with the first book from Neil Shusterman's Unwind series. She quite enjoyed that book. I have finally finished a pretty hefty non-fiction book Behave by Robert M Sapolsky and also started on Unwind. I also re-read The Little Prince to be able to discuss it with Smarty - it's funny how this book feels so different now when I am an adult. I first read it probably at around Smarty's age in Russian translation and did not care about it at all. Smarty, on the other hand, thought that it's great despite its sad ending.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Min Erva said...

I remember reading The Little Prince and LOVING it for all the wisdom! I quoted numerous times from the book while growing up. K thought it was a nice book but nothing as profound as I did. Funny how we are all different.

One of K's friends said he was tired of the teachers trying to make classes "fun". He said it wasn't fun for him and he just wanted to learn! He probably would love Smarty's private school based on your descriptions.

Hope she adjusts to the new schedule. The first week is tough which is why I advocate starting the first week on a Wednesday. Makes the transition bearable for both teachers and students.

MaryAnne K. said...

I need to reread The Little Prince. I think I was maybe 11 when I last read it.

My kids are getting used to being in school - we are on week 3 now. Everyone in this house definitely prefers summer, though! Overall, I feel like the girls are working harder than they were last year, which is good. Johnny always works hard.

Ticia said...

I never read the Little Prince, I remember it being assigned by a friend's teacher, but mine didn't assign it.

Transitions are so hard, especially back to school.