Sunday, July 22, 2018

Summer Travel Starts

We are finally entering the next phase of our summer plans. Smarty and her Dad departed yesterday for Germany. They will start by visiting Bremen and staying with Smarty's grandfather and then going to Cologne to see her uncle and aunt. Smarty was looking forward to the trip - she loves that she has a lot of time to just hang out and read while also exploring cities, spending 1:1 time with her father, and eating her favorite German delicacies. We will meet up in Denmark in about two weeks and go on the Baltic cruise.

An Art Camp

Smarty really enjoyed her last summer camp this week. It had an additional bonus of being pretty close to our house, so she could get up at 8:30 am and still be in camp by 9 am. This was an art camp, and it had a nice mix of guided and free projects. Kids were grouped by age (Smarty's group had kids between 9 and 15). Smarty was coming home covered in paint but happy and excited. She said that she wants to do this camp again even if the projects are the same. She pointed out that her art will be different next year, especially since she is going to be taking a Saturday art class in fall.

Work Matters

I still have two weeks before my first real vacation at my new job. I hope my projects will survive 8 business days without me looking after them. In the meantime, my boss surprised me on Friday with the news that I got a raise. I didn't expect any increase after just 7 months on the job, so it came as a nice surprise. It was even more gratifying to hear my boss telling me that she is getting great feedback from all my stakeholders. It's nice to be needed and to be making a difference.

Other Events of the Week

I am actually not sure why Smarty is wearing a jacket in this picture - we had a pretty hot week all week, but, I guess it was on one of our late afternoon walks. It's one of my cherished time with her when we sometimes just enjoy each other company and sometimes discuss events of the day or events happening in the world. I will miss these walks with her for the next 2 weeks, but I am also going to enjoy some time on my own. Smarty also got enough classes to be promoted for the next taekwondo belt while she is away. Her instructor said that it's OK for her not to be there for graduation ceremony and that she is going to get her blue decided belt anyway. Then she will start working towards her first brown belt after which she can take black belt preparation classes. 

What We Are Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links.

We intentionally chose not to put any new books on Smarty's Kindle this week keeping them for the flight, but she decided to re-read Harry Potter instead and spent hours every day after camp reading her favorite parts. I am trying to alternate fiction and non-fiction books, so I just finished Hardwiring Happiness, and started to read a short novel Nine, Ten by Nora Raleigh Baskin. Smarty said it's a good book and it's different from her regular fantasy genre. It's also so short that even I should finish it over this weekend :)

Fun Memory of the Week

We were talking about electronic devices, and Smarty said, "A lot of kids have Kindle Fire. It's like a reader and a platform to play games at once. But to me books are sacred, and I would not want to mix them up with games."

Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

I frequently have similar thoughts about mixing games and books on my ipad. Well that, and if I had games on it, then my boys would try to dominate it...