Saturday, May 26, 2018


Smarty is mostly enjoying the last weeks of the school year even though she can't wait for school to be over. She still has a project in social studies - students are working in groups to make board games based on different social studies units of this year. Smarty is in group of 3 making her game about Maya civilization. She is also enjoying a debate unit in English including debates and opinion writing. I think she might miss all this group work in the new school - she does enjoy it when she is placed with the kids she likes.

An Orthodontist Visit

Smarty had her semi-annual visit to her orthodontist this week. There are no significant changes - her jaw is nowhere near ready for the next step of correcting her permanent teeth. That step will probably require implants as she genetically misses a couple of teeth and therefore looks like a third grader with gaps in her smile. In the meantime, she continues to wear a retainer to ensure that her other teeth don't move into those gaps.

After School

We all collectively made it to 15 taekwondo lessons in one month! This weekend, Smarty will receive her hard earned blue belt. She was going to taekwondo 4 times a week to make it happen, and, frankly, I felt that overall she was happier and more organized during this month. However, she does not want the same intensity in June - her first summer camp will actually end later than her school does, and she wants some time to just hang out and enjoy summer. Besides, perhaps the weather will finally warm up for the pool!


Smarty made more friends this year. She is still very close to her best friend, and they are currently working together on their STEAM night project, but she also has several new friends in her grade (all boys), and she made a couple of friends during Lyceum events (Lyceum is our local organization for gifted kiddos). She is now considering of maybe hosting a board games night at least once a month that would allow her to stay in touch with her friends from her current school. 

Work-Life Balance

I am really enjoying my new job. Its level of responsibility and visibility is higher, and I enjoy getting to know my co-workers who come from all over the world. I like the feeling of self-direction and trust that I have with my boss and with other senior managers that I am working with. Things could not have worked out any better, and I hope that I can grow in my new job for the next few years. I am also glad that I can model this for Smarty - that a woman can be a mother and have a successful and enjoyable career at the same time.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

We host a board game group for our homeschool co-op and my boys love it. My daughter loves it as a chance to play with her best friend, but the boys happily play board games for the afternoon.