Saturday, May 12, 2018

1. Open House

We are now officially in the last month of school. Last Wednesday, we had a chance to go and see all the good work Smarty and her friends were doing this year at the Open House. It's good to know that
"project frenzy" will be over now, and Smarty will be less stressed about all the things that she needs to finish.

2. STEAM Night Preparation

Instead of a traditional science fair, our school hosts a STEAM night in early June. We were not sure if Smarty wanted to join this year, but she teamed up with her best friend, and they are doing a "scientific cake" - they did a research about proportions for a good cake, and they are inventing their own recipe for a chocolate cake. So far they baked two "test cakes" and surveyed kids in school by giving them samples. Perhaps this project might even be completed and not be another disaster like this one.

3. Work-Life Balance

This week was pretty good in terms of work-life balance. Since I am a program manager, I have an advantage of scheduling most meetings I am participating in. My long days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I usually try to leave at around 3 pm on other days to beat commute traffic. Smarty is also settled into her new routine and deals well with days when she has to come and stay home on her own.

4. Books to Read

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. 
This week, Smarty enjoyed reading through Pandora's Lab by Paul A. Offit, a non-fiction book about the biggest science discoveries that resulted in less than stellar outcomes (opioid epidemics, anyone?) I am also hoping to read it later this month, so we can discuss it.

5. Teacher Appreciation Week

Smarty's school celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week this week. She is very lucky to have wonderful and caring teachers who are creative and encourage students to do the best. I only wish they had more freedom in the classroom to teach beyond the curriculum, which in some cases (like in science) was clearly not designed with gifted learners in mind. Smarty did an absolute minimum for teacher appreciation week due to conflicting projects, but she is planning to give each of her teachers a personalized card in the end of the year, which is coming so soon.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

Teacher appreciation week is always tricky because it gets so mixed up with end of the year. It really seems to be the big deal for elementary, but not as big for the older grades. Probably because as you get older you have more teachers, and parents don't think about it.