Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Last weekend, we joined five other families who are members of our local organization for gifted children, Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley. It was our second attempt to organize a camping trip - we tried to go last fall, but the camp site was damaged in the rains of last winter, and in our area one literally needs to book camp sites a year in advance if it is to be within reasonable distance of San Jose. One of our members who is an avid camper took care of reservations and picked a beautiful county park in the coastal redwoods. She also organized a meal plan and brought enough games to entertain a giant group of kids - we only happened to have 8 kids of ages 5 through 12 between 12 adults.

What do "smart kids" do when camping? Absolutely the same things as any normal kids - running around playing tag for hours, snacking on sweets, making s'mores, crashing down for a little bit to read or play a board game, then running again. Parents enjoyed hanging out around the fire and talking about all kinds of things - from school choices to how close we are to true artificial intelligence.
The trip was a lot of fun... except it was bitter cold. We are having an unseasonably cool spring, and the temperature in the coastal mountains did not rise over 60 all day long. The kids did not seem to mind most of the time, especially since they were moving around a lot, but I kept wishing for more layers. We were jealous of families with campers and had a discussion on whether having a trailer would enable/encourage us to go camping more often, but... honestly, I'd rather go on overnight trips that don't involve packing, unpacking, sleeping on the ground, and figuring out what to cook. I don't mind an occasional camping trip, but I just don't see us going often enough to justify an investment into a trailer and a more powerful car that would be needed to pull it. Perhaps we can rent a small RV for our next camping trip.

Your Turn

How often do you go camping with your family?


MaryAnne K. said...

Have you looked into the pop up tent trailers? They are a more affordable middle ground. Too small for our family, but would work well for yours...

Ticia said...

We mainly go camping with Princess' AHG troop, so twice a year?

Our last camping trip was the second weekend in April and it was the coldest day on record for over 20 years, it fell down into the low 30s. We finally ended up calling the campout because no one had gear with them for cold weather and we couldn't work on the badgework we wanted to with everyone so cold.