Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A few weeks ago Smarty was watching some TED videos and followed the link to a new website.

She went on exploring courses on Brilliant.org and was a bit bummed to see that one needs to have a subscription to take lessons outside of the introductory chapter. She was dying to take Logic and Game of Chance courses, and even volunteered to pay half of the monthly subscription price (about $8 a month if you subscribe for a year). This was a bold move - she is already paying $8 out of $20 allowance for her cell phone, and paying up additional $4 would really limit her "free spending" money, but it was a good indicator of how much she loved what she saw on Brilliant website.

Math, Lots of Math!

As my readers know, Smarty loves math. She is especially attracted by non-trivial problems, and she was super excited to see some of the courses offered by Brilliant. I personally like how courses first offer problems and then solutions. It's like a "flipped classroom" - one can attempt a problem based on what one already knows and then learn more from the solution. Brilliant also has courses on advanced math topics such as differential equations and group theory.

There Is Science Too!

Are you more of a science nerd? Not to worry! Physics of Everyday is fantastic and will teach you about forces and energy in everyday applications. I finally know now how the toilet works :) Moreover, new courses are coming up all the time.

For Computer Fanatics

Smarty does not have much interest in computer science, at least for the time being, but Brilliant has college level course on Algorithms, Neural Networks, and Machine Learning. My computer science husband was actually interested to check some of these courses out :)

Join Brilliant!

Luckily for Smarty, she did not have to spend her allowance on subscription, because good people at Brilliant.org gave us a year of membership for free in exchange for a review. The opinion here is entirely my own and Smarty's own - we love Brilliant. It's great for ages starting with about 10+ and all the way to adults looking to refresh their skills or to gain new knowledge. Moreover, you can spend 20% on yearly subscription if you signup following this link. Be Brilliant too!

Your Turn

Which good websites did you discover lately?


Unknown said...

I loev a good find like this! (This is MaryAnne but Google marks me as unknown when I comment on my phone for unknown reasons)

Ticia said...

That sounds really intriguing. I'll keep it in mind for my science-loving boy.

SomedayMountains said...

Oh this looks fantastic! I may have accidentally spent an hour on there "previewing" today. I was making sure it was good for the kids, of course. That's my story, anyway. ;-)