Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Highlights of April

1. Easter

We all enjoyed a sunny Easter morning this year, even though Smarty was a little under the weather. Easter Bunny brought her cleverly hidden plastic eggs filled with her favorite chocolate, a new pair of PJs, a LEGO set, and a $10 Google Play card to put new games on her phone. I am glad that Smarty is not too old yet to enjoy a good old Easter egg hunt.

2. A Trip to Japantown

Just before their spring break, Smarty's 7th grade class went on a field trip to San Jose Japantown neighborhood. They visited a museum of Japanese American history and a Buddhist temple. They also had a bento box for lunch. Smarty loves Japanese food, and she really enjoyed the trip. We might follow up with revisiting Buddhist religion, because she was very interested in that part of the trip and, frankly, if I wanted to get religious, I would have definitely chosen Buddhist faith as I find it most personally appealing. I have no pictures from the trip, because Smarty did not take her phone with her.

3. A Spring Break Week

Smarty really enjoyed her school break week. In fact, she did not want to go back to school at all. I took one day off to have a "mother-daughter" day with her and we had fun going to a scenic picnic and then baking brownies together. My husband took her to the dentist (all is well) and to San Francisco Zoo. She spent the rest of the time hanging out with her friend across the street, reading, and playing Minecraft.

4. The Tech Challenge

This Sunday, Smarty and her team have finally had their moment of truth. They were able to complete The Tech Challenge offered by San Jose Museum of Innovation by delivering a functional device that actually succeeded (on the second attempt of two attempts allowed) in delivering their payload to the right place. It was a very emotional day as they competed against hundreds of other teams, and they were thrilled with their result. More on this in my post later this week.

May Goals

The word of the month is Exercise. With so much to do at work, my exercise routine took the hit, and my weight crept up. My goal is to get back to exercising actively at least 15 min a day and walking at least 10,000 steps 6 times a week. Smarty also has an exercise goal - she wants to go to taekwondo practice 4 times a week this month (alternating regular classes and performance classes). Her studio now has new rules allowing students to receive the next level belt every month if they attend 15 classes during that month, so she wants to try and receive her next belt in the end of May. 
I am also looking forward to more free time on weekends now, when the Tech Challenge is over, seeing friends and hiking more. I hope that May will be a healthy and productive month for our family.

Your Turn

What are your plans for May?


Ticia said...

I have a similar goal for exercise. I've been seriously slacking, and I can see it in my fitness and my weight creeping up.