Saturday, April 7, 2018

Here are some highlights of Planet Smarty Pants this week:

1. Easter

Smarty was very diligent reminding us that she still wants an Easter hunt this year. Easter Bunny obliged and she got her favorite chocolate in eggs, a new pair of PJs, a LEGO set, and a $10 Google Play card to put new games on her phone. She enjoyed Easter hunt even though she was a little under the weather. She developed a fever over Sunday night and had to stay home from school on Monday. She is still sniffling, but no fever, and she went back to school on Tuesday.

2. A Refugee PBL

Smarty had her presentation this week for a project based learning unit with the driving question, "In what ways can individuals and groups affect change on a universal refugee experience?" She worked with another girl from her class and they made a picture book about a refugee from Afghanistan. My husband signed up for her presentation panel, and he thought they did a good job even though most other groups had elaborate websites with facts. I have a mixed feeling about this PBL - on one hand, it's an important topic, on another hand, it took about 6 weeks of social studies and language hours to do it, which means that yet again the students will not actually finish 7th grade curriculum. Last year, they did not cover the Roman Empire because of PBLs, it looks like this year they will miss Renaissance. Call me crazy, but I don't think it's a good trade-off.

3. A Trip to Japantown

On Friday, Smarty's 7th graders went on a field trip to San Jose Japantown neighborhood. They visited a museum of Japanese American history and a Buddhist temple. They also had a bento box for lunch. Smarty loves Japanese food, and she really enjoyed the trip. We might follow up with revisiting Buddhist religion, because she was very interested in that part of the trip and, frankly, if I wanted to get religious, I would have definitely chosen Buddhist faith as I find it most personally appealing. I have no pictures from the trip, because Smarty did not take her phone with her. She said that she would be too worried about losing it, which was smart. She also forgot to take her house keys, which was less smart, since nobody was at home when she came back. Luckily, she remembered that our neighbor has a spare, so the crisis was averted.

4. Spring Break Starts

Smarty was eagerly looking forward to the spring break anticipating sleeping in and a lot of unstructured time. She is not going to go to any camps - one of us is going to stay home with her. I am taking Monday off, so we could enjoy a proper mother-daughter day. We did not have them in a while, so we are both excited. Once she goes back to school, it will be exactly 2 months left in a school year. Smarty can't wait for school to be over, so she could enjoy her hard-earned break and start a new adventure in her new school. And, yes, there was a haircut (and another lost tooth) between these two pictures.


I got a ping this week from my former boss asking if I would be interested to come work for his new company. While the offer was tempting, I said No. I really enjoy my job at the moment, and I like people I am working with. It's strange, but I even like coming to the office every day - seeing people face to face makes such a big difference. Besides, I get to enjoy seeing temporary art exhibits on our campus - like this one promoting organization Save the Sea.

Your Turn

How was your week?


MaryAnne K. said...

I'm so glad you like your new job. That's a cool sculpture.

At least the Renaissance and Roman Empire periods are two of the most well known, so Smarty is likely to fill in the gaps on her own. It's hard to balance deep learning with fitting in the vast breadth of knowledge that is expected to happen...

And this is my second time commenting because the first one somehow showed up as unknown...

Ticia said...

That is an amazing piece of art you got to see.

Those are two really big time periods in terms of changes in the world to not cover. Like earth-shatteringly big.