Tuesday, April 24, 2018

We are now in our third year of participating in a local organization for gifted kids, Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley. This is basically a parent co-op with volunteers organizing events for members. This particular event was done by the parent who had connections in an art studio, and Smarty eagerly signed up, because she enjoys Lyceum art seminars and learning new art techniques.
In this seminar, kids created collages of paper, tissue paper, and acrylic paint. The theme was trees to celebrate The Earth Day. Smarty enjoyed the seminar itself but she was disappointed with how her project turned out. Clearly, she is still learning, "less is more" rule in putting her scenes together. Some of the other participants were more artistic and created pretty impressive pieces. This is what I like about Lyceum seminars - Smarty has a chance to mingle with a multi-age group of gifted kids and to see their take on the projects and on the world in general. I keep hoping for her to make more friends in these events, but so far this did not happen. I can only remember two cases when Smarty "clicked" with someone practically immediately (unfortunately, these kids live far away), but usually she is very reticent with new kids. She does not like it when we invite friends with kids who she does not know well - as she explained me yesterday, "You, adults, are going to sit and chat, but I have to play with a kid, and it's hard for me to play with someone I don't know." We had to have another  conversation about flexibility and keeping an open mind - a conversation that repeats often in our house.
I also had to acknowledge that I project my own desires for Smarty on her - she seems perfectly happy with a few friends she has and does not exactly go out of her way to expand her tribe. It does not mean that we want to pull out of fun opportunities such as this art class, but maybe I should not be trying too hard to "mate" her with other kids and let her develop her friendships naturally. Come to think of it, she is making good progress - just yesterday she was telling me that she is hungry, because she gave her snack to her friend. She did it, because he overslept and did not have time to pack his lunch. She put it that way, He needed it more than I did. Perhaps I worry way too much about her social fit and ability to relate to others, after all.

Your Turn

What kind of art did your kids create lately?


Unknown said...

I love the music paper bark in her project.

Johnny brought home a nice 3D cityscape ink drawing, and two wire figures today. The girks are doing lots of artsy craftsy stuff lately.

(This is MaryAnne but for some reason when I comment on my phone it comes up as unknown).

Ticia said...

Hmmm, I actually wonder if more trees with thinner trunks would work better? Your comment about her dislike of it got me wondering how to fix it.

I got a similar comment from my daughter about having friends over with kids. There's one family we enjoy the parents and the boys get along with their son, BUT the daughter does NOT get along with Wendy. I mentioned having them over and Wendy just shut it down fast.