Saturday, March 3, 2018

I cannot believe that another month flew by. I am hoping that we left all our sickness behind in February :) Here are a few things I am grateful for this week:

1. Getting Back to School Routine

Smarty did not have any desire to go back to school after a school break, and I was worried how she will readjust to getting up earlier and going to bed earlier. However, the week was surprisingly smooth, perhaps because every day I left for work before she even got out of bed, and she is much less likely to whine and complain to her Dad.

2. "Just Because" Flowers

My husband surprised me with this bouquet of flowers one evening. He had to take over a lot since I went back to working out of the office every day, but he is not complaining. He told me several times that he is glad that I am enjoying my job now and he is also relieved that it seems to have more "future" than my previous position. I am very grateful for having an understanding and supportive life partner.

3. Rainbows

We are finally have rain! We got at least 2 inches this week. Naturally, morning commute was a mess, but it was neat to see clouds and sun battling each other in the sky producing beautiful rainbows from time to time.

4. My Math Club Co-Coach

I am grateful for another parent who took over math club meetings while I was settling in my new job. We can "divide and conquer" the rest of the year by alternating weeks. It also gives me hope that Math Club in this school will continue, at least for the next year until her twin sons move on to high school. It was also good to get back to class this Friday, see all the kiddos and teach again.

5. Processing Speed

Smarty is obviously very intelligent, but she also has an advantage of formidable processing speed. I am pretty fast myself, but it's amazing to see how quickly she can understand new material and apply it. Last week, I explained her all trigonometry principles in about 20 min, and then she went on to practice trigonometry problems in her SAT book getting all of them correct. I can see why she keeps complaining about science and math classes being too slow and this is why she needs a more individualized plan in these subjects before she loses interest in them.

Your Turn

What are you grateful for this week?


MaryAnne K. said...

It sounds like it's a good thing you are so tuned into Smarty's education!

I was so happy to see rain this week, even though this afternoon I drove through hail to get to Hayward!

Ticia said...

I am thankful for my girl's AHG troop and our family getting to perform a play for it.
Just because flowers are the best kind to get.