Sunday, March 25, 2018

Let's see what is happening on Planet Smarty Pants this week.

Middle School Dance

Smarty had her second middle school dance on Friday (a picture above is taken just before she departed for it). In her own words, middle school "dance" would be better defined as a middle school party - with a lot of snacking, playing around, face painting, photos, and music. Boys and girls are still in their we don't quite know what to do with each other phase and not interested in actual dancing. Still, Smarty had a lot of fun... and then a massive meltdown in the evening brought on by overstimulation.

Math Field Day

This Saturday, our school participated in our county's Math Field Day that took place in the local community college. Smarty wanted again to participate in a team competition where 2 people work together to solve a set of pretty challenging math problems. Her partner from the last year chose to do an individual competition, and her new partner did his best, but he was not as strong. They came in 8th - enough to get up on stage and receive medals, but Smarty was hoping for more. Her former partner came in first in 8th grade integrated math contest.

SAT Results

Smarty could not wait to find out how she did on SAT. We called in for her results on Friday and found out that she did very well - 780 out of 800 points on math, and 730 out of 800 on English. These scores would allow her to qualify for two programs that exist in US to support profoundly gifted students, which is great, because we sense that we might eventually need some help in making educational decisions for her. They also confirmed our decision to move her to a private school, because Smarty could really benefit from more individualized approach to education which, unfortunately, public schools are simply not equipped to provide. 

Smarty's New Favorite Book

We are all Kindle addicts here. Every day we check Kindle Daily Deals and our digital library is steadily growing without taking more physical space in our house. One of our recent finds was Algorithms to Live By by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. Smarty was fascinated by the science presented in this book and was sharing her discoveries with us. She also watched a NOVA episode with her Dad about statistics and big data and now beginning to consider a career in applied mathematics. Who knows what she will really choose when that time comes!

Your Turn 

How was your week?


Min Erva said...

Congratulations to Smarty! She must be so proud of herself for doing so well! The scores will help her get a scholarship to study at any school that will be a good for her. More choices, the better.

As for public or private, it all depends on the school. I’ve heard that some private schools don’t individualize because parents pay big money and that keeps any child from receiving special attention. Some public schools will accommodate if you show proof, especially SAT scores in the 700s. Before that, it’s just one parent’s word against another.

MaryAnne K. said...

Math opens up so many careers! Mike is essentially a mathematician, but that word doesn't appear anywhere in his job titles or descriptions.

Congrats on Smarty's SAT scores. I'm not particularly surprised. And I think you are right that there isn't much public schools can do for a child with those abilities. At some point community college courses or even early university enrollment may become her best option, but it would be nice if the private school can accommodate her.

Ticia said...

From all I've heard that's what middle school dances are like (I skipped out on mine when I was in school).

Congrats on the SAT scores and the Math Field Day. I'm hoping your plans for school next year are a good match.