Saturday, March 17, 2018

We had a good week here. So many things to be grateful for!

Smarty's Well Child Visit

Smarty had her well child visit this week. Technically, it is supposed to be happening around her birthday, but historically we always did it a few months after it. She is healthy and... tiny. Her weight is 4% for her age, and her height is 7%. According to the doctor, if she stays on this curve, her adult height will be around 5' 1", just like her grandma. Smarty is used to being the shortest in her class, and does not let it bother her. She also got two vaccinations - meningitis and HPV. This time, she had some reaction to the shots - she was very tired and was running the fever the next day, so I had to pick her up early from school. Fortunately, she bounced back after some fever reducing medicine and a few hours of extra sleep.

Online Math Study

Smarty was super excited to start using her online math curriculum this week. Her school has chosen Odysseyware Academy, (something I have never heard about before), but I like the setup where she does have access to a real teacher through a virtual classroom if she needs help. She will be taking Integrated Mathematics 1 class (pretty much the same in content as Algebra 1). IM1 is first year of high school where we live. The class is aggressively paced with the idea that Smarty will complete it in the remaining three months of school, but she thinks she can do it even faster as she already knows at least 80% of the content and therefore can ignore video lectures. She will be doing it during school day by checking in at her usual math class, taking a Chromebook, and reporting to the office where she will do the class. In her first class on Friday she went through 5 assignment-days earning 100% on each assigment, so, yes, I see no problem with her finishing it rather fast.

Math Kangaroo

On Thursday, our school participated in Math Kangaroo contest. We had a nice showing this year with 38 kids across grades 1 through 8. I think Math Kangaroo is a very special program, because problems are more "out of the box" and really test mathematical thinking, not how much a student knows. It is also more generous with time limits than other math contests. Smarty loved participating and, of course, curious to see how she did.

I Got a Bonus

My boss surprised me on Friday saying that I joined my new company literally on the last day of eligibility for this bonus cycle. I did not expect to receive any bonuses after two months of work, so it was a pleasant surprise. My boss is pretty happy with how I am settling in, and I am really enjoying my job and my responsibilities. It's also sometimes very humbling to work with amazingly gifted individuals who are passionate about their work and who basically paved the way for cloud computing by inventing virtualization for Intel microchips. I am so happy with the way things worked out - I just wish I'd left my old company earlier.

Blog News

I've been thinking lately what I want to do with my blog. I still want to be writing, but with my daughter getting older I also want to ensure her privacy. I have started to move my old posts off to a private blog and, eventually, I will not keep my more personal post on a public blog for longer than two weeks. So don't be surprised if you start seeing my posts disappear over time.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Anita said...

I love your blog. I have used many ideas from your blog for my son. I wanted to request you to keep the educational, creative ideas blog posts (which don't have Smarty's photos) on your public blog so that parents like me can continue to learn from it. Hope you will consider it.

Unknown said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your new job!

Ticia said...

So I better get reading promptly. Time is escaping from me now so much more so now than it did before.
How very exciting for Smarty to be doing so well in her new math class.