Saturday, March 31, 2018

March Highlights

1. SAT Results

On March 10, Smarty headed out to take her SAT. She was excited and apprehensive at the same time, but came home confident that she did well. She said that Math SAT appeared easier than in practice tests and she did not run out of time on timed portion as she did in practice. Her scores were available on the phone after 2 weeks, and were higher than we expected. It was a little surprising to everyone, including her, that her math score was higher than her language score, as it was not the case in practice tests. Anyway, these results qualified her for Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Study of Exceptional Talent and for Davidson Young Scholars as well as for any sort of advanced online and summer programs available to high achieving students. Well done, Smarty!

2. Starting An Independent Study in Math

After several months of pushing and prodding, our district finally agreed to allow Smarty to shift from math in the classroom to an online independent study option. We met with student success study team where Smarty's teacher actually surprised us by saying, "Let's cut to the chase. Yes, she needs a different approach. In all my 20 years of teaching I haven't seen a student like that, and she needs to be taught material beyond middle school". I wonder what he will say when he sees Smarty's SAT math score. Anyway, this is bittersweet - if this decision came a few months earlier, we would have probably let Smarty finish her middle school where she is at. However, she was eager to start Integrated Mathematics 1 (9th grade math in our high school district) and hopes to finish it before the end of the year.

3. Environmental Advocacy Project 

Smarty really enjoyed her second term's elective which was called environmental advocacy. First, kids spent some time brainstorming "an umbrella topic" and eventually agreed on ocean health. Then they were divided (randomly) into teams of 5-6 people and chose a project that would tie in with an umbrella topic. Smarty was her group leader yet again, but this time she managed to get her team to agree and perform. Over the course of a couple of months they created several issues of a digital magazine Ocean Observer and shared it with everyone at school. Smarty was quite happy with how this project turned out and her teacher was quite complimentary about her leadership skills. It was great to see that Smarty can have a positive experience of working in groups, because last year she had a much harder time with this.

4. Smarty's Well Child Visit

Smarty had her well child visit this month. Technically, it is supposed to be happening around her birthday, but historically we always did it a few months after it. She is healthy and... tiny. Her weight is 4% for her age, and her height is 7%. According to the doctor, if she stays on this curve, her adult height will be around 5' 1", just like her grandma. Smarty is used to being the shortest in her class, and does not let it bother her. She also got two vaccinations - meningitis and HPV. This time, she had some reaction to the shots - she was very tired and was running the fever the next day, so I had to pick her up early from school. Fortunately, she bounced back after some fever reducing medicine and a few hours of extra sleep.

Math Field Day

In March, our school participated in our county's Math Field Day that took place in the local community college. Smarty wanted to participate in a team competition again where 2 people work together to solve a set of pretty challenging math problems. Her partner from the last year chose to do an individual competition, and her new partner did his best, but he was not as strong. They came in 8th - enough to get up on stage and receive medals, but Smarty was hoping for more. Her former partner came in first in 8th grade integrated math contest.

April Goals

The word for the month is enjoy. We hope to enjoy good weather and seeing friends. I want to enjoy my work even though it never seems to stop. At the same time I want to protect and enjoy our family time by giving full attention to my husband and my daughter.

Your Turn

What are your April goals?


Ticia said...

We've been at field trips this week.
It's cool to see how her leadership skills are improving and the improvement of her group work skills this past year.

MaryAnne K. said...

That's a great word of the month!

So is Smarty going over to the high school for math now, or just working on her own in the middle school?