Monday, February 5, 2018

First month of 2018 raced by! Here are my 5 favorites from this week.

1. Warm Weather 

We enjoyed beautiful warm weather this week - it was warm enough to be outside in T-shirts and even have a barbecue for dinner. Because of clear skies, we had a great view of super moon, and I also caught the end of lunar eclipse when I got up early the next morning.

2. Health Insurance

When I lost my job in late October, I was offered to sign up for Cobra coverage. Looking into it, we realized that we would have to pay $1770 a month for the three of us while my unemployment payout was only about $1400 a month. Since I already knew that I will be working again in January, we chose to go uninsured for a couple of months. This is why I was so happy to receive our new insurance cards this week, and I am grateful to my company offering family insurance at a reasonable rate. Now I can stop stressing about potential health disasters, and we can schedule our physical exams... except we are going to wait until flu season is over - I see no need to risk entering any health facility without being in dire need, because they are overrun by flu patients.

3. Zentangles

Last weekend, Smarty attended an interesting art seminar through our local community of gifted kids. They learned to make zentangles and received a nice zentangles kit to keep making them at home. She now spends some time every night creating her zentangle tiles - she says that it helps her relax and get ready for bed.

4. Choice (Continued)

This week, we let Smarty skip one day of school so she could have a shadowing day at a private school that we are considering for the next year. She came home super excited and said that she loved the school and she wished she could switch immediately. She liked the fact that each class is very small and students spend time in free discussion without even having to raise their hand. She was also told that she can take any subject, even an AP class, if she passes a placement test. This was music to her ears. because she craves more challenge even if it means more homework. We also received a positive feedback from school's headmaster saying that she would be a good fit for school. We are going to meet with him again next week to discuss details and we are likely to move Smarty to this school next year.

5. Fun at Work 

I still enjoy my new job very much. People work hard, but they also know how to have fun. Every 2 weeks there is a Thursday themed party of some kind for all employees. This one was clearly about Superbowl :) I am looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues better, so I don't feel lonely at these events.

Your Turn

What are you grateful for this week?


Ticia said...

That does sound like a dream school for her. I hope she is able to go!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

That school sounds like it could be perfect for Smarty! I hope you make some friends at work soon. Being uninsured is stressful; I'm glad you have coverage again.