Sunday, February 25, 2018

This week flew by so quickly that I hardly took any photos. But here are a few things I am grateful for.

1. A Short Week at Work

I am very busy at work already, and it was nice to have that extra Monday to sleep in and catch up with both work and home "to do list". Granted, by the end of this week I did not even remember that we had Monday off - I am now fully loaded with various projects, but I am enjoying the mental challenge they present. I also love meeting new people who are so diverse in their origins and working both with local teams in Palo Alto and with our team in China, Bulgaria, and India. Chances are good that I will get to visit those places at some point in the future.

2. A School Break

Smarty enjoyed a week off school this week. I am grateful that my husband's job is flexible and he could stay home with her on Wednesday (he does not work on Tuesdays and Thursdays). I am also grateful that our daughter is old enough and responsible enough to stay home on her own. This is what we did on Friday - I drove to the office, had my morning meetings and drove back home by noon. I found Smarty still peacefully reading in bed. This is what she was doing most week - staying up late and then sleeping in until 11 am in the morning. I hope that the growth spurt that we are hoping for is finally taking place. 

3. My Husband, the Maker.

In November, Smarty signed up for a tech challenge team, a program sponsored by our local tech museum. Unfortunately, her team was struggling for several months in not converging on anything even though they had regular meetings two times a week. Their parent adviser appealed to other parents for help, and my husband stepped up. Now the team members were finally able to break the problem into parts, and Smarty is working to build her part... still relying heavily on her Dad's insights. She is extremely lucky to have a parent who knows a thing or two about making and inventing things, plus he has a fully equipped workshop in the garage and even owns a 3D printer. I am still skeptical about the ability of this team to deliver on time, but things are looking up.

4. Olympic Games

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These two past weeks we enjoyed watching Olympic Games coverage by NBC and getting introduced to many new winter sports. We have a privilege of rooting for four different countries at once - USA, Germany, Belarus, and Russia, so usually we could find someone from our "favorite countries" getting a medal on every given day. Smarty was fascinated to learn that a young winner of ladies' figure skating Alina Zagitova is only 15 year old, and we had a lot of interesting conversations on what it takes to be an Olympic athlete. For the record, Smarty has absolutely no desire to invest this heavily in any sport or, in fact, in any other activity. She is still searching for her passion.

5. Making New Friends

This time I am not talking about friends for Smarty. One of our friends and her partner decided to organize a "discussion group" for adults that would meet once a month for a potluck dinner and a lively conversation. We joined the first meeting and got to meet a lot of new people. We don't have a big circle of friends, and it would be interesting to both expand our circle and expand our minds in a diverse group that includes both conservative Christians and left-wing liberals. 

Your Turn

What are you grateful for this week?


MaryAnne K. said...

That discussion group sounds fascinating! I think there's a lot to learn by spending time with people who are very different from ourselves.

I'm very curious to hear how Smarty's tech challenge team does.

Ticia said...

That discussion group could be fascinating to be a part of. One of my big frustrations with the world right now, especially the social media part of it, is the villianization of the other side, and dehumanizing of people.