Saturday, February 17, 2018

It was a little hard to get into a writing mood last weekend when all of us were fighting a cold. But things are almost back to normal, and I have time to write again.
This week I am grateful for...

1. Fever Reducers and Our Immune System

This year's cold and flu season did not bypass our house. I was the one hit first, mostly with sore throat and running nose. Then my husband got exactly what I was having. Smarty's symptoms looked different - she had a very high fever and spent several days in bed. She had to miss her MATHCOUNTS chapter competition last Saturday, but she was so out of it that she did not even feel sad about it. Luckily, by last Sunday her fever started to diminish, and she went back to school on Tuesday. All of us still have residual cough, but we are feeling much better.

2. Valentine Day

We don't really celebrate V-Day, but both Smarty and my husband made me Zentangle cards. Smarty's is the one in the lead image. I am so grateful for love of support of my husband, and together we enjoy how loving and cuddly our daughter is, even while entering her teen years. Hope she stays this cuddle bug for a while longer!

3. Decisions

We have made a decision for the next school year! Smarty is now officially enrolled in a small private school that promises personalized education plan for each student and boasts 100% rate of university admissions. We are excited, apprehensive, and really hope that this school delivers on its promise. We figured that if things don't work out, we can still move Smarty somewhere else for high school, but we just could not imagine another year of her not being even remotely challenged except in her social skills.

4. Coming Home Early

I love that my new job still offers me flexibility of managing my own schedule. I am trying to have all meetings done before 3 pm, so I can get home before traffic and then work a few more hours from home. Being able to come and leave work outside of rush hour traffic easily saves me an hour a day. I cannot manage this commute every day this way, but it's good to know that I do have this flexibility when I need it.

5. Getting Back into Routine

It's nice to feel that things are getting back to normal after a week of sickness. Being sick reminded me how important it is to treasure everyday pleasures, like going for walks, enjoying the smell of food, and watching TV together as a family. Here is hoping that we will recover completely this week!

Your Turn

What are you grateful for this week?


Ticia said...

I'm grateful for my boys' birthday tomorrow. Of course right now I'm about to have a house full of almost teen boys, so that's gonna be different....