Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Highlights

1. My New Job

I started my new job on January 8, and I can already tell that it's going to be an intense but fun environment. I am sharing an office with three other teammates, which has its pluses and minuses. There was not a moment yet when all four of us were in the room together, since everyone spends a fair share of their day in meetings. At least these meetings are face to face, which is a big improvement from my previous job where all of my teams were remote. 
Of course, this first month on the job was like drinking from a fire hose, especially since a team mate who was supposed to be my mentor quit 2 weeks after my arrival. Most of the things are completely new to me - different products, different processes, different tools. But the problems are pretty much the same - accelerating time to market, improving productivity and visibility into project status. I am looking forward to settling in and discovering how I can contribute my skills to an overall success of my new organization.

2. Smarty Will Become a Published Author

A few months ago Smarty decided that she wanted to participate in some sort of a writing contest. She did some research and submitted her poem to Poetic Power contest. She found out this month that her poem was selected for publication in the spring book. She is very excited to be a "published writer", and she is still hoping to be one of the top 10 winners that will be announced in March.

3. Adjusting to New Routines

When I started my new job, Smarty was struggling a little with changes in her routine and having to spend more time on her own. However, by the end of the month she was mostly back to her cheerful self. She is starting to enjoy the freedom of deciding what to do with her time and an opportunity to connect online with other kids from her school who are all playing in the same online Minecraft world hosted by her best friend. They now use hangouts to talk to each other during their online playdates. I want to think that eventually this "fad" will lose its luster, but... Smarty manages to do all her homework in school and easily maintains all As, plus she keeps up with her family duties, so I see no real reason to limit her involvement. She usually plays for about 1 hour directly after school to "unwind" and then gets on with the rest of her life.

4. Spending Time Outside

January brought some rains, but we also had beautiful days, which allowed us to make our yearly trip to one of our favorite hiking spots and take a picture near this mimosa tree. We go there every winter since before Smarty was born, and it's fun to see how we all grow and change every year while the tree appears to be the same.

February Plans

We don't have any major plans for an upcoming Presidents' week break in school. I am grateful that my husband has a flexible job which allows him to take extra time off or to work from home. The plan is that Smarty will stay home for that week, and maybe I will work one day from home if I can swing it. We also hope that Smarty's school will finally deliver on its promise to have some sort of solution for Smarty in math, because she is bored to tears in her math class. 
The word of the month is Persist. I need to persist in getting to know my job environment, Smarty needs to persist in getting her job done even if it's boring at times, and we will persist asking our school for solutions.

Your Turn

What are your February plans?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm so glad your new job is in a fun environment! The commute doesn't sound fun, though. Thank goodness for Audible books, at least!

I was so happy to see the rain, too. I hope we get more!

Ticia said...

No one in my family currently has the flu. This feels like a huge deal to me.

My brother is currently driving a paint truck, and so he is listening to lots of audio books and sharing each one has he finishes them. It's been kind of interesting to watch what he's "read."