Thursday, January 4, 2018

Many people choose the word of the year to focus on. While I admire families for whom this long term planning is working well, I was thinking of keeping things more short-term and choose a word of the month instead. For this month, my word is Adapt.
January is certainly going to be a month of change for all of us as I am starting my new job next week. In my previous job, I worked from home most days of the week and had a pretty flexible schedule which allowed me to meet Smarty when she came home from school, make dinner on most nights, take her to her martial arts classes, and teach a Friday Math Club class in her school. 
I don't have a good idea yet of how flexible this job will turn out to be long term, but in the next few months I expect to be in the office every day during normal business hours. Unfortunately, this means a pretty bad commute too, because, while the job is less than 30 miles away from my house, it takes more than an hour to get there in rush hour traffic. I really hope that the hours will turn out to be somewhat flexible, but in the meantime I am going to stock up on books on CDs from the library, so I can listen to them during my commute. 
Smarty will have to adapt to coming to an empty house and making her own afternoon snack. She will have to carry (and, hopefully, not lose) a key and to know what to do in case of emergency. My husband currently works 3 days a week and does not come home before 6:30 pm either, but he said that for the first few weeks he would try to be home between 4 and 5 pm to give her time to transition to more independence. For now, the deal is that she can visit friends after school if she texts us where she is going, but she is not to invite anyone home and not to cook without us until we can "certify" that she can cook certain foods and clean the kitchen to her Dad's satisfaction. Of course, it would be lovely for her to start making dinner at least once or twice a week, but we are taking this transition one thing at a time.
It's also possible that my husband will be leaving his contract in January, which will also mean adapting. On one hand, we don't have to worry about Smarty being home on her own, on another hand, he will have to find ways to fill his time. I am not too worried about that, because we have a long list of home improvement projects, but yet it will be another change in our family dynamics that we will have to adapt to.
For me the biggest change will be less discretionary time. I will have to adapt to not having as much time to myself and to really thinking about how we spend time as a family. Smarty will have to step up more in family chores, my husband will need to be the main cook in the family during weekdays, but I think there is nothing in these changes that we cannot handle. All we need is teamwork, patience, sense of humor, and flexibility. I hope January will be a very interesting, but not overly stressful, time for our family.

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Ticia said...

That's a lot to adapt to. It'll be interesting to see how Smarty adapts to the changes, knowing her it'll be fine, but there might be a few bumps along the way.