Saturday, December 23, 2017

Highlights of the Week

The winter break has officially started on Thursday, and we are looking forward to two weeks of family time - hanging out with friends, going hiking, playing games, and reading. I passed my PMP (Project Management Professional) exam and knocked one item off my "90 day goals list". Our snow trip is also all planned, and I certainly hope that we, in fact, will have snow! So far the weather remains sunny and cool here, which usually means no snow in the mountains either. I think the resort will open anyway with snow making equipment - they won't want to miss winter break!


Smarty enjoys school, but she was more than happy to say Goodbye! to her teachers and friends. She likes freedom to do what she wants - read, draw, play Minecraft, and learn whatever she wants to learn whenever she feels like doing it. I asked Smarty a question the other day to estimate on the scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not effort at all and 10 being extremely hard) how hard it is for her to get straight As, and she said that it is about 3. We would prefer this number to be more at the level of 7, because we think that there is no real learning without some degree of struggle or deep interest involved, and currently it does not look like Smarty has either. Once the school break is over, we want to revisit the matter of independent study in math and possibly meet with her science teacher to see if she can be challenged more in science. 

Taekwondo Belt Promotion

Smarty aced her belt promotion and received her next belt level. She is now green belt decided. It's the last beginner belt level, but she has been going to advanced classes for several months now and hoping to join a legacy team this year. Those are students who participate in demos and also help out as junior assistant instructors. She is willing to go to taekwondo every day if this is what it takes to get to that level, but I am worried about possible injuries from doing such a high-impact sport too often. I am hoping that we will find some middle ground for her to progress without burnout or injuries.

What My Child Is Reading

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Smarty picked up Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins from her language arts teacher, and it prompted her to re-read the rest of the trilogy. Today, we could finally make it to the library where she loaded up on a bunch of Minecraft tutorial books, a few books from "new arrivals" section, and a prequel and book 3 in The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. Hopefully this will carry her over to December 27 when library reopens after Christmas closure.

Favorite Memory This Week

Smarty had her first "real sleepover" with her best friend. A year ago we would not have allowed it, because both kids still needed some growing up and could not spend more than 2 hours without deliberately pushing each other's buttons. A year from now, this probably will not happen, since they will be full-fledged tweens and boy-girl sleepovers will feel awkward. But right now they are in the sweet spot and enjoy each other company. It will be interesting to see if they will keep their close bond once they move into adolescence.

Your Turn

How was your week? Are you excited about Christmas?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Emma had a sleepover last night - not her first but the first impromptu one. It is interesting to watch them grow up.

Ticia said...

Princess has definitely reached the awkward stage with boys, one of her best friends is a boy, but now he's definitely in that boys are weird stage, especially with two older brothers.